Violet at 6 Weeks


May 24, 2012 by texashekmans

If I tried hard enough I bet I could convince myself that Ms. Violet Mae was born one beautiful spring day and after a short stay in the hospital we brought her home and then woke up the next day to find the spring had turned into 95+ degrees and she was 6 weeks old. The incredible passage of time is the driver for why we wanted to start this blog to make sure we captured some of the amazing things we are seeing her do every day, such as…

  • Eating: Getting enough food for this sweet girl was no easy task for the first 8ish days of her life. Whether it should be attributed to a poor latching ability or a potentially low breastmilk supply we just won’t ever know, but she had us running a circus around here to try to get her fed! Seriously imagine this: I would have to hold her hands back (she would violently try to grab for her food), Scott would be singing at the top of his lungs to calm her down (which worked, actually!) and sweet sweet Grandma would be using a plastic (needle-less) syringe to squirt milk into her mouth and entice her to start sucking. All the while, she’d usually be screaming because she was hungry and panicked and all this activity was making her burn too many calories, making the entire effort semi-unproductive. The good news is that after working with a lactation consultant to help us figure out how to supplement and ensure Violet got enough to eat, she finally got the hang of it and now she is a champ. 🙂 She eats 6-7 times per day without a problem and it seems to be one of her favorite activities! Praise God.
  • Sleeping: This activity for Violet is sort of the opposite from her eating activity with regards to progress  over the last 6 weeks. In other words, she slept quite well at first with about 3 hours of sleeping in between feedings and no problem going down to sleep almost anytime and anywhere.  This changed around 4 weeks and she now is having a lot more trouble falling asleep and staying asleep without someone holding or bouncing or patting her. In fact, usually she wants all of the above for a pretty long time (30-45+ mins) before she will finally be sleepy enough to go down in her crib without crying. We are working on this and praying for our sweet daughter to learn how to rest well during naptime and night! For now, we are super grateful for the fact that we do have some solid naptimes (like right now – she’s been down for 30+ mins) and 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at night, which is so much better than nothing!
  • Bouncing: Just wanted to be sure to note this for any other moms looking for a new “sob stopper” and to remind myself for any future trouble with crying infants…the fastest way to calm Violet down when she is crying is to hold her (doesn’t really matter what position) and then sit and bounce as high as humanly possible on a big round exercise ball (often called a yoga ball). She can’t get enough of this activity! It is often what we use to calm her and put her to sleep, but it is pretty painful for our shoulders and spines after awhile, so we are trying to wean her of this little addiction. Alas, its a great trick to have up our sleeves when needed. Thanks Erika Knox for the advice!
  • Smiling and talking: She smiles and talks the most when she is laying on the couch looking at our ceiling fan or when she is on her changing table. She used to hate being on her changing table (loud crying!) but now she loves it thanks to the tips from the “Baby Whisperer” book which said parents should talk to babies while changing diapers and place a Beanie Baby (which Scott named Harriet the Hippo) on her chest to help her feel cozy while being undressed. This worked like a charm for her!! In addition to holding Harriet the Hippo while laying on her changing table, Violet also loves to stare at the fake flower bouquet I bought for her dresser. Scott named her seemingly favorite flower “Lily” and we laugh at how many more times she smiles and makes noises at Lily than at us. 😉 We don’t mind though, because those smiles are SO cute no matter who they are directed at!

    Violet and Lily sharing a joke.

  • Going for walks in the stroller and Ergo carrier: One of her Mom and Dad’s favorite activities these days is going for walks! She loves to be in her carseat attachment in the stroller and go around the neighborhood. Truly, she has loved this since her first walk with Daddy (and friends Sarah and Dan Draeger) on her 5th day of life! Recently we also discovered (thanks to friend Shyle Lyons) that she loves being put into an Ergo baby carrier as well. We had previously tried the Moby Wrap but it was so hot and neither me nor Violet really liked it.  Honestly though, the Ergo baby carrier is about as ugly as they come and I have to admit I didn’t understood why several of my friends chose them when there are much cuter baby carriers out there! Now I know…because Violet instantly sleeps like she is in a coma when I put her in this thing! She couldn’t be happier or more comfortable in it and neither could I. 🙂

As they zipped by ever so quickly, the past 6 weeks have blessed us with some of the most precious moments and memories we could ever dream of. Our hearts are full of joy as we feel privileged to love and nurture this darling girl and we are grateful God has chosen us to steward her miraculous life. We absolutely love her and can’t wait to share more! Stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “Violet at 6 Weeks

  1. Sam says:

    What a lovely blog, Lydia and Scott. I will undoubtedly be an avid follower and can barely wait to see her in person in under a month!

  2. James Aberle says:

    thanks we had so much fun reading that!! Praise God for her lovely life and your family!! Grammy and PopPop

  3. Kathryn Aberle says:

    Too cute! With our daughter about to graduate from high school I have to say you’ll be so glad you recorded this, time marches by so quickly! Love to you three ~

  4. Melissa Aberle-Grasse says:

    I’m in love from afar. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Marcia Hekman says:

    Praying for you guys and eager to see this new “treasure box” as I have called past grandbabies. They are full of His creative gifts and blessings!
    He will meet your needs. I believe it! Mom/Marmee

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