Violet {Month 2}


June 15, 2012 by texashekmans

Violet is now 2+ months old! The past few weeks have included many ups and downs, as usual, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our precious little girl even better. Here are some fun updates on life these days with Violet:

  • Nightly bath time: This wasn’t something that Violet really enjoyed for the first month of life. We didn’t really enjoy it either as it was tricky to hold her head up and help her get comfortable in the sink when she was wiggling every where, slippery and often crying. The worst part was also when we would take her out of the water, she would scream until we got her dried off and back into pjs. I’m sure she was just cold – but the several minutes that followed what was supposed to be a relaxing bath time were just not worth it. That said, we only bathed her 1-2 times per week for awhile there. Ooops. ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, something changed recently as she really loves bath time. If she is fussing after her 7pm feeding (which she usually is –its the expected fussy time) then we put her in the bath and she instantly is calm. What’s funny is that it doesn’t seem she can even really express any emotion in the tub – a strange occurance for our expressive girl (more on that later!). She is just completely calm in the water, no smiles but no cries, and for some reason she licks her lips a lot while she is bathing? Don’t know what that is about but its funny to watch.


  • Sitting in the Bumbo seat: it didn’t take long for our little Vi Vi to take a liking to her turquoise arm chair known as a “Bumbo”. Violet has always shown a pretty keen interest in the world around her, and she quickly gets bored of staring at the same old scenery for more than about 5 minutes. ย The Bumbo is perfect because it gives her a great view of wherever she is and enables us to easily move her to a new scene once she is bored. It is also fun that the Bumbo enables her to sit at an eye level with us while we eat meals. Feels like we actually get to eat as a family!


  • Meeting Grandy and Marmy: Last weekend Violet got to meet her grandparents on the Hekman side of the family – and they confirmed that her observance of the world around her is uncanny for her young age of 2 months.


  • No Dairy! Over the last week in particular we’ve been growing suspicious that Violet has an aversion to dairy products because of a difficulty she has falling/staying asleep and some frequent tummy issues ย (burping/spitting up). A week into the journey without any dairy products has been proving helpful to our little one’s temperament so it is worth the sacrifice!
  • First Family Road Trip: The three of us took our first overnight trip to a hotel in Dallas! Scott had a conference for work so our hotel room was paid for by his company. It went surprisingly very well as Violet slept the entire way there and back (she sleeps the best in the car!) and slept well in the hotel room too. It was a really nice change of pace and scenery for her Mom and fun to feel like we are able to get out and about more now. ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it for the key updates today. Keep a lookout for our next round and more pictures soon!


One thought on “Violet {Month 2}

  1. Sarah says:

    She is so cute! so excited to hear an update, looks like you guys are doing great so far ๐Ÿ™‚

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