Violet meets Uncle Myles, Sam & Aunt Corynne

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July 8, 2012 by texashekmans

To celebrate her college graduation, Myles and I decided to help Corynne come visit Austin and meet Violet for the first time! Myles and his girlfriend Sam came the same weekend and we soaked up some much needed Fish family sibling time.

I just have to say that it really was so so so special to see them meet and fall in love with their new little niece, finally face to face. Violet loved all of the attention and I really enjoyed the chance to be with my brother, sister and Sam all together. I love them so much and hope to do this more often!

Here are a few highlights from the weekend…

Corynne talking to and smiling with Violet:


Myles playing with Violet while she takes her nightly bath:


Sam playing with Violet in her little activity play space:


Violet laying on and loving the gorgeous quilt hand made by Myles and Sam!


The five of us out on the town to celebrate how proud we are of our little sister graduating from college!



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