Violet {Month 3}

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July 21, 2012 by texashekmans

Violet is already three months old, whether we believe it or not! She continues to be the smiley sweet girl that we absolutely adore and the older she gets, the more her curious and darling little personality is revealed to us. Just look at this happy face!

That said, we want to be honest here (for the sake of transparency but also to document accurately!) and report that this past month has involved more exhaustion and frustration than we would’ve hoped. Our poor girl has definitely developed a pretty strong case of acid reflux, which means she often screams/cries/arches her back/spits up quite a bit during and after most feedings.  Her pediatrician put her on an antacid medication to help with the pain and Lydia is now eating a super restrictive diet to try to help reduce the sensitivity. It does seem that these remedies are helping as not every feeding is as difficult but we do still have 1-2 difficult feedings every day. That, on top of not sleeping consistently through the night yet and not napping well on her own during the day…makes for a pretty tired Mom and Dad!

But all in all, we are incredibly grateful for Violet’s general health, her growth (she is super long – growing out of most footie-pajamas) and her fun personality. Here are a few updates on whats been going on the past few weeks…

  • Fourth of July: We brought Violet out for the neighborhood parade in Northwest Austin. It featured one fire truck, one constable and roughly 483 neighborhood kids on bicycles following closely behind. We also dressed her up in a patriotic outfit and she kindly posed for the camera to help show her enthusiasm of our country’s birthday.

Violet’s first parade!

Showing her national pride

  • Still lots of bouncing: Currently the best (actually only) way to ensure a good (~1.5 hour long) nap for Violet is to wear her in the Ergo baby carrier and bounce on the yoga ball. It truly is as uncomfortable as it sounds, but at this point I am just grateful that it allows me to get some quiet times during the day – even if it means I am literally stuck sitting/bouncing for hours at a time. It’s far better than holding a crying baby for hours on end, let me tell ya!  Thankfully I’ve found some new favorite TV shows (such as Parenthood and the Ellen DeGeneres Show) to keep me company during the naps/bounce sessions. We don’t have a picture of me bouncing for some reason, but here is a picture of my Mom (Grandma) doing the exact same thing back when Violet was younger. She still loves it! Someday we will have to work on getting good naps another way, but we are working on the reflux issue right now…naps/improved sleep habits next!

Mama Fish bouncing away

  • Celebrating 5 years of marriage: I love my dear husband even more than I did the first time we wore these special outfits. So grateful for him and proud to be his wife! Also, grateful that Violet went down to sleep pretty easily the night we set out to celebrate our anniversary. Big thanks to Scott’s brother Nathan and his girlfriend Leanna for holding down the fort while we went out!

Still able to wear our wedding clothes 5 years later.


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