Violet {Month 4}


August 15, 2012 by texashekmans

Miss Violet is more alert, curious and happy than ever before! She has grown up so much over the past month. Here are a few pictures and updates:
  • Happier Mood: Even after Violet turned 3 months her overall temperament seemed to continue to worsen…though everyone told us “it would get better at 3 months”. Ugh…nope. At a point of desperation, I finally decided to eliminate more potentially colic-causing food from my diet. I looked at what the common triggers were and avoided them all (except caffeine, I couldn’t handle it)…and this actually seemed to help! We finally really saw her mood improve! Maybe it was just the timing with 3.5 months, but maybe not. Whatever…its worth it.  (Note to self…I cut out all tomatoes (and tomato products), eggs and peanut butter from my diet.  In addition to those new eliminations, I’d already been avoiding all raw vegetables, chocolate, dairy and soyAlso..just to note for future babies and/or anyone else wondering how this is possible: I just eat a lot of granola/oatmeal (bfast), turkey sandwiches (lunch) and meat/proteins with carbohydrates and cooked veggies (dinner). Most importantly, the one sweet treat that I am able to eat is Double Stuffed Golden Oreos – and I’ve been eating my fair share of them lately. Ya, you try making or finding a butter and milk and chocolate-free dessert. Not easy!] Overall, this is such a great thing to celebrate because we finally do feel like Violet’s tummy troubles are over and her spit-up/reflux is under control. Praise God – we’ve been so confused and praying for help with this for so long!! 🙂
  • Grabbing at toys and people: She loves to grab things and especially loves to pull the toys (and/or people hair and hands) into her mouth once she reaches them.

  • Chewing on fingers/toys: Probably a sign that she is teething (?) but who knows. She seems to just like to taste everything and give things (especially adult fingers and blankets) and good little chew with her gums. Also, it looks like its kinda her way of exploring new toys. They instantly go in the mouth before she decides to keep hanging on to them or not.

  • Playing with her feet: Adorable. Such a classic little baby posture. And it makes her happy!

  • Rolling over: She has done tummy to back 2x (but won’t do it on command or very often) and more often she likes to go from back to tummy. We probably should be practicing more tummy time to assist her in practicing the tummy to back roll…but she hates it. We’ll get there.
  • Laughing: We haven’t been able to capture this on camera yet. But she has an adorable little chuckle! She doesn’t share it very often and makes us work for it, but it is worth it!
  • Sleeping: As we’ve previously mentioned, this hasn’t ever been easy for Violet and we suspect it was often because of her stomach issues or just plain old colic…or maybe those issues are one in the same? But whatever….once we got through that (yay!), it was clear that Violet was completely dependent upon bouncing on the yoga ball in order to fall/stay asleep and her dependence was only getting stronger as she got older. This past weekend we decided it was time to help teach her how to fall asleep “unassisted” and its been rough. More on this topic later…I don’t really have many nice words to say about the whole training process yet. I will just say that I am thankful she is learning and improving but it is still so painful to watch. :/
  • Riding in the stroller sans-carseat: It’s simply too hot to go for very long walks or jogs these days but this girl does now fit in the jogging stroller without her carseat attachment and she likes it! We cannot wait for the temps to cool down here in a few months so that going for long walks will be fun for us again. Seriously, cannot wait!

Here she is celebrating her four month birthday. We love her so so much and cannot get enough of that contagious smile!

2 thoughts on “Violet {Month 4}

  1. lishag says:

    I love my niece and miss her so!! I must see her and you sometime very soon!! She is growing up so beautifully and with such a fun and spunky personality. I love reading about her.

  2. Gloria Lusher says:

    Fun to see these dear pictures of a precious baby girl. Love reading your notes!! Every month brings maturity and changes.

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