Violet {Month 5}


October 3, 2012 by texashekmans

We’ve had a big month or so with Violet, exploring tons of new things, meeting new people and visiting new places!

Goofy girl wouldn’t stop wiggling for the camera!

Below are some highlights from the past month or so. At 5.5 months old Violet is:

  • Reaching and grabbing at everything. Faces, food, drinks, toys, books, everything. All of a sudden she just started doing this and now she’s got pretty good control of her hands/fingers. She can almost even get her pacifier in her mouth all by herself. She’s done it many times but also misses a lot still. She’s almost there!
  • Eating solids. We started giving her rice cereal just for practice with a spoon when she turned 4 months and she enjoyed it right away. Once she turned 5 months we introduced several things (one at a time), including sweet potatoes, applesauce, green beans and peas. She loves the sweet potatoes and apples but didn’t like the beans or peas. Ha. We’ll try more foods soon but for now it is just fun that she enjoys eating with us at the table.
  • Rolling around. If I put her on the floor to play, she will roll from back to front and back again, sometimes covering a pretty big distance across the room. She does this in her crib too, every night. She rolls all around and typically ends up burying her face in the same corner of her crib, even though she wasn’t anywhere near it when I put her down. *Sidenote: I’m really happy about the breathable bumper pads I bought to ease my fears about her suffocating since she likes to bury her face in the fabric! 
  • Sleeping and napping SO MUCH BETTER!!! This still isn’t perfect but the improvement we have seen is still amazing. We are just so so grateful for a sleeping baby! I will post a separate blog specifically about our sleep training experience but for once just wanted to be able to report that Violet is finally sleeping much much better at night and during the day. And we haven’t touched the yoga ball in weeks…actually months.
  • Traveling the country.  I took Violet to visit my family for Labor Day weekend and she did quite well, other than the lack of sleep at night. We traveled as a family to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for Scott’s work conference and again she did well on the flight and travels! Only major issue on both trips was that she just didn’t sleep well at night, or nap all that well during the day either. But we still had fun. Check out this slideshow for lots of pictures of the fun memories we made on those two trips:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “Violet {Month 5}

  1. Melissa Aberle-Grasse says:

    Thanks for sharing the fun! She’s adorable and ya’ll share both the downs and the ups- real parenting ; ), sustained by God’s love.

  2. Violet’s 5 Month picture is the best! Such a beautiful, happy baby! That smile is so perfect! How could anyone see that face and NOT smile themselves?! 🙂 Clare wanted me to share with you guys that the fun is just beginning once they’re on the move….! I keep thinking each stage is my favorite, but the next one is always just as good or better! 🙂

    • texashekmans says:

      Thanks Cindy! So fun to hear about you and Clare. I am looking forward to each stage as it comes, and love your encouragement as you’re always a few steps ahead of us. 🙂 We’ve got to get these girls to meet one another somehow soon!

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