Violet {Month 6}

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October 12, 2012 by texashekmans

It’s so hard to believe Violet is half a year old already. But its also exciting, as we love to watch her grow in stature and personality! While the past month has been really busy for us as a family, we’ve had a lot of fun with her. She continues to be super active and smiley and curious about life. Sleeping is still not her strong suit, but we’re trying not to focus on that anymore. Let’s instead highlight some of the new fun things that she is doing really well…

  • Sitting up by herself. She does still tip or fall over after a while, but she’s able to sit almost completely unassisted. When sitting up, she loves to play with some stackable rings we bought her recently.
  • Nursing better. Just to sum it up for my own reference in the future, as of just a few weeks ago, she is no longer needing to use a shield to help her with latching. I didn’t choose to wean her from the shield (as it proved to be really frustrating every time I’d try), but she did it all by herself by just latching without my help. She also now gets a full feeding in 15-20 minutes. She was always an abnormally slow eater, and maybe this had something to do with the shield? I don’t know, but am grateful for the improvement regardless.
  • Rolling everywhere all the time. This is fun, except for when trying to change a diaper or outfit. I often just change her on the floor now as the changing table is too risky.
  • Doing great with babysitters and church nurseries. I’m sure we’ll start seeing more separation anxiety around 8-9 months as normal, but she already had a lot of this around 4-5 months so I’m really happy to see that she is doing better with this now. Of course, it really helps that she absolutely adores her Aunt Christina (actually my cousin, but its easier to say Aunt). Christina has been an absolute godsend to us over the past few months as she has willingly come over and babysat Violet multiple times for me to get work done or attend day-long client meetings. Violet is as happy as can be with Christina and it makes this Mom really really thankful!
  • Enjoying her friends. Violet has a few special friends that are about her same age and up until recently, she never really noticed them. Now she likes to reach out and try to touch her friends, babble with them and play with their toys! It’s fun to see her start to interact with other babies and its pretty hilarious to watch their reactions to one another at this stage.

As a family, we are grieving the loss of Scott’s last remaining grandparent, Grandpa Bealer, (his Mom’s Dad) and planning for him to travel to Illinois for the funeral this weekend. We are also praying for our family and friends on the East Coast to stay safe through the imminent Hurricane Sandy this week.

On a happier note, we’re really grateful that Scott is now done with the grueling Professional Engineering exam, which means he now has more time to spend with us on the weekends and evenings. Also, we are enjoying things like the wonderful fall weather in Austin, lots of daily neighborhood walks, college football, Downton Abbey episodes, and we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Speaking of holidays, Violet says “Happy Halloween everyone!”


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