Violet {Month 10}

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February 12, 2013 by texashekmans

What Violet is up to these days:

Crawling fast around the house and yard.

Pulling up, standing and cruising along furniture (or the back of Dad’s truck!)


Getting into everything – loves to take all items out of a drawer or the bottom section of the pantry or fridge door.

Throwing things – food, balls, socks, etc. Whatever is in her hand one moment, will be thrown (not just dropped – intentionally thrown!) onto the ground very shortly.

Not reacting to soy! Lydia was pumped to enjoy her first Chinese Food meal in ages without Violet having a noticeable reaction. However, we did try to give her tofu straight and she gagged (not liking the taste) and then spit up a few times the rest of the day.

Loving other baby friends! In addition to the occasional playdates we have with other baby and toddler friends, we just started going to a weekly “books and babies” class at one of the Austin libraries and she loves meeting 5-10 other new baby friends, singing the songs and crawling all around the room. She has a tendency to steal other baby’s toys and pacifiers though. We are going to have to work on the idea of sharing/not stealing. :-/

Reading books! Seems like her favorite pastime – and she always makes us read the book twice or else she gets very angry!

Clapping and waving. She gave her very first official “goodbye” wave to her Uncle Nathan one morning as he was leaving for work. She started clapping right at about the same time, and she’ll typically do it in response to someone else clapping or if you say “good job”, she thinks that means clap. 🙂

Eating even more variety! She loves goat’s milk yogurt, goat’s milk cheese (just like her Momma!), bread, pancakes, French toast, zucchini, carrots, oatmeal.



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