Violet {Month 11}


March 13, 2013 by texashekmans

Violet is somehow seeming more and more like a toddler instead of a baby this month. She just feels much heavier, chunkier and looong, now wearing 18-month sized PJs and 12-month clothes.

Here are a few updates for our records and future reference:

Size: About 21lbs (she weighed 22lbs with clothes on at the dr’s office last week)

Teeth: Just her two bottom teeth still. She’s drooling a lot right now, so maybe more on the way soon?

Sleep: Taking 2 naps of about an hour or 90 mins each, and typically sleeping 11 hours at night

Mobility: Crawling everywhere quite well. She will stand and cruise along furniture, but no interest in walking yet. She tends to get hurt a lot lately, by pulling up and exploring new things but then falling and hitting her head. Poor girl. :-/

Favorite things: Playing with people, reading books, going for walks, seeing/petting dogs, eating, swimming at the pool.


Least favorite things: Riding in the car, going to sleep, being separated from Mom at church or at the YMCA.

Here are a few longer notes on what else she has been enjoying these days:

Busy social scenes: She clearly loves people and lots of attention. As long as she isn’t super tired or hungry, she really is happy to ride in a shopping cart at the grocery store or Costco or Target, even at the busiest times of day. She entertains herself by watching people and by earning their attention. She typically gets smiles from people right away, but she also enjoys pointing with her pointer finger at people and that always gets her a smile or a conversation started. That said, we take her shopping often, but we also regularly frequent the YMCA and local playgrounds to get her social quota. (Today I even braved downtown Austin during SXSW to take her to the Austin Children’s Museum for the first time and she loved it!)

Longer walks in the stroller: We bought the snack tray for our jogging stroller and she seems to really enjoy having this in front of her. She bangs on it, and pulls up on it to grab her treats and her water bottle.

Laundry: She loves to lay down and snuggle her head on anything soft that is on the floor, like blankets or pillows or especially clean laundry. She loves to take a shirt or blanket and hold it in front of her face and play peekaboo. 🙂


Electronics and wires: She spots electrical wires and electronic devices (i.e. iPhones, iPads, laptops, baby monitors) right away and she instantly puts them in her mouth. We are trying to teach her that this isn’t safe but we aren’t there yet.


Crawling: She is so fast! She loves to get down at the playground now and crawl all around in the rocks. It is filthy but super fun.

All in all, its been a great month and we are ever thankful for Violet’s continued health and growth. Hard to believe this is the last month of her first year of life!


One thought on “Violet {Month 11}

  1. love the new blog. It does help since we don’t see her very often Grammy

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