Violet {One Year Old}

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April 12, 2013 by texashekmans


We are so thankful for a whole year knowing Violet and being her parents! She is acting so grown up lately and is such a lively and fun girl. Here are the latest updates:

Size: She measured  22lbs, 14oz and 30.25 inches at her 1 year appt, which makes her in the 75th percentile for weight and between 75-90th percentile for her height. Surprise, surprise!

Teeth: The left-side upper front tooth finally broke through last week and now the right-side one is coming in slowly alongside it. Other than that, she just has her two bottom front teeth. We think she looks kinda like a little bunny rabbit when she shows her chompers.

Sleep: She started taking a long time to go down for her two naps and even at night, she was not falling asleep easily and/or crying for 30+ minutes in her crib before any rest. We decided to try giving her just one nap, mid-day, and while she seems a little extra cranky right before nap/bedtime, this seemed to help her go to sleep much quicker. So now she sleeps from about 7:30pm – 6:30 or 7am, and naps from about 12-2ish (give or take 30 mins). I really like this schedule, when it is actually working (we’ve had a few rocky days to get it down pat) but all in all its great to know I’ll usually get a 90-120 minute break in the middle of my day.

Mobility: She crawls fast and cruises along furniture confidently now, also walks quite stably with her walker and even with someones hands. She really doesn’t like it if you let go and doesn’t yet seem interested in standing or walking on her own. One of these days I think she’ll realize that it is fun but we aren’t rushing anything.

Favorite things: playing with dogs (we pet-sat our cousin’s dog Emma last week and she couldn’t get enough of her!), playing with a ball, singing/talking baby babble, climbing the stairs at the playground.

Other recent highlights in Violet’s life include:

New carseat – We know the recommendations now are to keep kids facing backwards until 2, but this forward facing seat makes her SO much happier in the car. She can see us and see outside and she is actually enjoyable to be with in the car, most of the time. The only problem I see with it, other than being more dangerous (eek – hopefully not) is that it makes her seem so much older to be looking at me and sitting so upright.


Peanut allergy – We found out the hard way that Violet’s body apparently does not tolerate peanuts. Long story short, we took her to Urgent Care on her birthday after I nonchalantly gave her a bite of a peanut butter cookie which led her to vomit violently about 2 hours later. She was fatigued after that crazy vomiting episode, fell asleep in my arms, and then while on the phone with her pediatrician, I was instructed to call an ambulance because of the 2hour reaction time (too short for food poisoning) and the fact that it was likely anaphylaxis. Crazy. She didn’t have any other symptoms at this point, but was clearly not herself, until she got some Benadryl and about 30 minutes later, she was back to her usual self. We thank God that she vomited instead of any respiratory distress and we will keep her away from peanuts for the foreseeable future. (*Her pedi recommended we wait until 18months or 2yrs and try to give it to her again, with a dose of Benadyl and EpiPen nearby if needed, to re-confirm whether or not its a true allergy or maybe a sensitivity). Feel free to join us in praying that this is something she can outgrow! Here she is in the urgent care room, poor girl.


Celebrating with friends! We celebrated her first birthday with a gathering of friends, neighbors and family in our neighborhood park right next to Violet’s favorite playground. It was a beautiful and warm afternoon for a casual little party and we had a great time! See this post for more pictures.


Talking more – She is very interested in imitating our words (frightening but also fun!). Some of the words she will gladly repeat now include: bye, apple, doggy, ball, cracker, raspberry and Daddy.

Loving her birthday flowers from Mom and Dad.

Birthday flowers from Mom and Dad.

Customized beach towel just for Violet.

Customized beach towel just for Violet.

Loves her new customized puzzle!

Loves her new customized puzzle!

We love her so much and are very blessed to celebrate a whole year of life together.


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