Happy Birthday, Papa Fish!

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April 16, 2013 by texashekmans

One of my favorite traditions that I’ve adopted from the (Randy & Marcia) Hekman Family is to celebrate a loved one’s birthday by sharing a meal together and tell the birthday person one thing that you especially like about them. I sure wish that I could share a meal together today with my Dad, but instead, I thought I’d share a few things I love about him instead.

He is sentimental – rare for a man (or maybe not, just less obvious?) but I love that he is willing to share his sentimental side whenever we gather, as we always reminisce about fun old family memories and events. He is also really great at promptly sending birthday cards and gifts to celebrate important life milestones along the way. So sweet!


He is wise. I can’t imagine making a big life decision (what college to go to, what house to buy, job to take, etc.) without getting his advice. He never ever fails to bring up incredibly reasonable and important points that other people (or maybe just me) wouldn’t think of. His advice and wisdom are priceless.


He is so supportive. Whether it is something to celebrate (like finding out I am pregnant!), or something challenging (like a new job transition or sick daughter), he is never more than a phone call away with loving words of support that cheer me on through challenges or add to the excitement of something fun.


I am so thankful that Violet is blessed with him as her Papa and I am blessed with him as my one and only Dad. We love him so much.

Happy Birthday today to the Best Dad/Papa in the Whole Wide World! 🙂


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