Violet {15 Months}


July 12, 2013 by texashekmans

Every age and stage with Violet so far has somehow proved to be even better than the last, and this stage is no different. This summer with her has been so much fun, as she constantly brings such joy and spunk and adventure to our lives. We can’t help but delight in her as she curiously discovers and enjoys SO many things about her world for the first time. We are thankful that we get a front row seat to watch her grow (too quickly tho!) and to experience a taste of the wonder that she experiences as she discovers new parts of God’s creation every day.

Here are a few of the typical record updates just for our future reference:

Size: About 26lbs (she weighed 26lbs with clothes on at the dr’s office last month)

Teeth: She has the four main ones on top now, and while the 2 bottom middle teeth are both fully in (those were her first ones), now the two teeth to the right/left of those bottom middle ones are about halfway in. She’s almost got the complete front 8 and it makes her look so much older.

Sleep: She takes just one nap every day now, from about 1-3 or sometimes 4ish. She typically sleeps 10-11 hours at night, from about 8-6 or 7ish.

Mobility: Walking everywhere, confidently and fast! She had been pushing her walker, stroller, chairs, boxes, and/or anything she could move, around for a while. She also walked really confidently holding someone’s hands, even one hand, for months, but she showed no interest in trying to walk independently until she just started doing it all of a sudden on her 14th month birthday, June 12.  She was happy to do it, but mostly to receive the praise we gave her for it, and now she is super fast and comfortable on her feet even in water or sand.

Favorite things: Going to a pool or splash pad (where she likes to walk directly into the fountain spray), playing with other baby friends, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, opening/closing containers, reading her ABC book, hugging dolls and stuffed animals, seeing/playing with dogs and cats, eating goat cheese balls, pizza crusts or snap pea crisps, playing with Annie (a childcare staff employee) at the YMCA.

Least favorite things: Getting sunscreen on, wearing a hat, sitting in the carseat, going to sleep, being left alone.

Talking: She finally says Mama and she says it often. 🙂 She also often says uh oh, ball, pool, Daddy, doggy, hi and bye. Otherwise, she typically will try to imitate almost any word we tell her to, and sometimes it sticks and she’ll repeat it again and again, and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, sometimes she just blabbers hilarious Japanese-sounding words which makes us laugh.

Funny things she does: Makes a “fishy face” on command, brings us our shoes when she wants to go outside, brings us the TV remote when she wants to watch TV, loves frogs and squirrels, gives “high fives” repeatedly until you count by fives to 100, raps with a quiet beat-box-type whispering voice when you give her a microphone.

Violet is getting spoiled with lots of family time lately, since Dad has been on an unusually long vacation for the past month – more blog posts on that soon! We thank God for His mercy and faithfulness to us in this exciting and busy season of life.


One thought on “Violet {15 Months}

  1. JAMES ABERLE says:

    thanks for all you messages and pictures. Grammy and PopPOp

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