July 2013 Family Month Summary

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July 26, 2013 by Slow Sand

We’ve had an incredible last few weeks as my last day as a Civil Engineer was June 30 and I don’t start at my new job at the Austin Stone until July 29 (this coming Monday). We’ve had plenty of time to relax and catch up on things we’ve been wanting to work on, as well as spend a couple weeks in Michigan seeing our families (all four grandparents of Violet).

Lydia will be writing a summary of some highlights of the trip to Michigan later on, but for now I thought I’d document a few things we’ve done with our time off while here in Austin to help us remember all that we were able to do during this time off.

Here is a snapshot of several of the fun things we did in Austin:

-Visited the YMCA to either work out, practice some yoga or enjoy the swimming pool (sometimes all three) nearly every day. Watching Violet go from tentative in the pool to being comfortable going in the deep end with her Puddle Jumper (today!) has been a joy. She has also gone down the big blue slide several times by herself.

-Participated in the Milwood Neighborhood 4th of July Parade with great success.

IMG_0252-Had a date night at Roll On Sushi followed up with a trip to the rooftop of Crescent Apartments for tasty wine and conversation. Thanks for babysitting, Nate!

-Ate various breakfasts, lunches and dinners out at Whole Foods, Cafe Java, P. Terry’s, Chick-Fil-a, etc.

-Swam at Hamilton Pool together. This was the first time we’ve gotten in (one time the line was too long and another time the water had e. coli) and were able to swim. An incredible spot to hang out and get wet!


-Made several trips to Barnes and Noble for learning and exploring while in the air conditioning. Violet definitely enjoys reading new books.

IMG_0338-Took a fun trip to Brushy Creek Splash Pad

-Enjoyed a fun trip to Austin’s “secret beach” location followed by lunch at Shady Grove

In addition to all of the fun events and our 12-day trip to Michigan (another blog post to summarize), we also tried to be productive with our time and get things done around the house. The following list is simply for our own documentation, when we find ourselves asking, “where did all that time go?” so that we can remember some of the tasks that kept us busy…

  • Held a garage sale
  • Rearranged furniture in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom
  • Painted our fireplace mantel
  • Shortened the shades in the living room and kitchen
  • Made mosquito jars for our backyard
  • Hung up a hammock in the backyard
  • Hung up a clothesline in the backyard
  • Took a bunch of items to Goodwill
  • Sold a bunch of books to Half Price Books
  • Sold Lydia’s desk, my old computer, our breakfast nook and our TV stand on Craigslist
  • Bought Lydia’s new desk, an entry table, and a new computer for nearly the same price as the stuff we sold (praise God!)
  • Cleaned out/organized the garage
  • Made our kitchen and master bathroom cabinets child-proof
  • Cleaned off the truck car battery and installed new screws
  • Fixed Violet’s Noah’s Ark toy
  • Cleaned out the guest room and its closet including the filing cabinet
  • Repaired the wood planks on our bed frame
  • Re-calculated our monthly budgets based on job transition
  • Ordered a new part for our Bob stroller (for free!)
  • Fixed our living room curtains and purchased a few new ones
  • Spent time getting to know new MC leaders in our cohort
  • And more…that I’m sure we are forgetting.


All in all, it’s been an incredibly blessed month for us to enjoy a ton of quality time together as a family. We are admittedly sad to see this fun month end, but so thankful for it and truly eager to see how God continues to grow and bless us in the new adventure ahead.


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