Violet {17.5 Months}


October 4, 2013 by texashekmans

At almost 18 months, Violet is officially a happy toddler. She is a very tall, beautiful, expressive, fun-loving, energetic, sweet and hilarious girl these days.

Here are the major family updates from the past few months, this late summer/early fall:

  • We got a dog!!!!! Her name is Betsy, a daschund/beagle mix, and she is about the best dog we can imagine rescuing from a shelter! 2 yrs old, already potty-trained, she does well sleeping through the night in her kennel, is very gentle with Violet, a really sweet cuddly lap dog, etc.
  • Violet is going to a little church-based “pre-school” in our neighborhood each Tuesday and Thursday morning.
  • Violet has TWO new cousins in town – one is her new baby cousin Nora (my cousin Graeme’s daughter) and also my cousin Emma, who just started college here in Austin. We have all enjoyed playing with the adorable Baby Nora and also getting to spend time with Emma too!

Here are some updates specific to Violet for the record’s sake:

Size: About 28lbs – she was 28lbs when weighed about a month ago

Teeth: She has the four front top and bottom teeth now, and has since about 15 months. Lately, she has been working on getting her molars (for at least over a month now), which is frustrating and sad to say the least. Her gums get swollen for a few days, and cause a lot of crankiness, but then it goes away…and comes back a few days later! Not fun. The past few days she has had her fingers in her mouth a lot, as well as some unexplained diarrhea and diaper rash (sorry, just gotta record this for future reference!!), so maybe that is all associated with the end of this teething saga? I hope so.

Sleep: Same as at 15 months, she naps from about 1-3ish. She also typically sleeps 10-11 hours at night, from about 8-6 or 7ish.

Mobility: She is verrry comfortable walking and is now even running…which makes her cheeks jiggle in the most adorable toddler way! She is running so much that her normal “mary-jane” style dress shoes starting giving her blisters on her feet. We bought her first pair of Nike tennis shoes and athletic socks this past week to help with that.

Favorite things: Playing with Betsy (or Kenzi -our friends’ dog); playing with friends/cousins and neighbors; playing with basketballs; going down the slide at the playground all by herself; watching Thomas & Friends; coloring with crayons or chalk, and still reading books or singing songs.

Least favorite things: Sitting still to get a diaper change; getting dressed; when Betsy won’t let her put her collar and leash on; when she is told she can’t do what she wants when she wants — yes, we’ve arrived at this fun stage! 😉

Talking: She says sooo many words and it is soooo fun to hear her sweet voice! Our favorite things she says right now are octopus, pronounced like “opotee” and purple, pronounced like “purpa”.

Funny things she does:

  • Loves to help make coffee and make smoothies in the morning. It is adorable how she immediately runs to the kitchen and points to the chair or asks you to help her sit on the counter so she can help when you mention it is time to do so.
  • Answers yes or no questions over the phone. She likes when I put the phone on speaker and if the person on the other line asks her yes or no questions about her day. She smiles and quickly says “ya” or “no”.
  • Asks for Betsy every single time she wakes up in the morning or after a nap and every single time we arrive at home after being gone. Always, every time, she looks at me and says “Beehhtee?” and she points/asks to go see her the first second she can.
  • Gross but hilarious, she lets Betsy kiss her on the mouth and she even sometimes kisses (aka licks) Betsy herself. Disgusting.
  • Gives super affectionate and loving hugs and kisses if you ask – but only when she is in the right mood. When you catch her in this mood, it is the sweetest.thing.ever.

We are so grateful for all of the blessings and challenges of this season of life with a busy but super fun toddler to keep everything exciting and interesting. More updates and pictures to come soon!


One thought on “Violet {17.5 Months}

  1. JAMES ABERLE says:

    thanks for the blog and all the wonderful info about Violet. so excited to be seeing her soon! Grammy

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