Violet {20 Months!}

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December 13, 2013 by texashekmans

Violet is twenty months old today. This is really hard to believe in so many ways. But its easier to believe when I hear her speak dozens of new words, letters, and phrases every day or when I notice that her adorable blond head is almost reaching up to the kitchen counter. She’s so tall! We are having a ton of fun with her social and energetic personality, as always, and here are the recent highlights to document…

General Updates:

  • Most common words: car, walk, ball, please, swing, collar, leash, pizza, show, amen, “that one” – pronounced “dob ba”, water, “applesauce” – pronouced “appati”, and Momma, Dadda, and most of all, Betsy
  • Teeth: She finally got all 4 of her molars in! Now she is working on her top canines coming through, but I finally bought her an amber teething necklace and I think it really is helping with the pain. She hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night or naptime since I bought it.
  • Size/height: She is so tall, wearing size 2T in everything, 3T in some things that shrink a lot, like pjs or t-shirts

What Violet is loving right now:

  • Stuffed animals and dolls. She plays the most right now with a large doll from my childhood and her “baby Betsy” stuffed dog that looks just like our dog (thank you Grammy and Pop-pop!)
  • The PBS show called “Super Why” – she likes for you to hold her and help her point to the letters
  • Running around the backyard or neighborhood chasing Betsy and/or going around the trees
  • The PBS app on our iPhones or iPads. She will sit still and watch/play on this for longer than I care to admit. But this has truly been a blessing to us when trying to keep her happy/busy, especially on long car rides or early in the morning as we sleep in/drink coffee/wake up 😉
  • Dancing, to music on the radio, or in the car, or even on the TV and she commands everyone in her presence to dance along with her by saying “Mama” or “Dadda” or “Emma” over and over again until that person joins her
  • Singing, and her favorite songs right now seem to be “wheels on the bus”, “read read read your books” and “ring around the rosy”
  • Coloring with crayons or the “do-a-dot” markers at preschool
  • Going for walks, which doesn’t usually involve her in the stroller anymore, instead she wants to push her baby stroller around the house or neighborhood/playground, with or without a doll or toy in it, she doesn’t care
  • Going down slides
  • Swinging
  • Giving affectionate hugs and kisses to her friends and family
  • Playing with and re-organizing the ornaments on the Christmas tree
  • Playing “hide and “seek

What she does these days that especially makes us laugh:

  • Pretends to feed her animals/dolls
  • Asks mom and/or dad to lay down with her on the carpet, rug or couch and pretend to go “night-night”
  • Wants to breastfeed 3-4 times a day
  • Is still scared of the vacuum and balloons
  • Shares her food with every/any dog, but doesn’t like to share toys with anyone
  • Speaks long sentences of baby talk/jibberish and cracks herself up laughing at the end

There are also challenges in this season, of course, such as temper tantrums, complex emotions and toddler-style stubbornness. It is difficult to really know how much she understands, and therefore how much we can expect her to obey, and how much/when/how to discipline her. But by the grace of God, we are learning and persevering and growing, and so is she. We are thankful for the model of God’s discipline and His patient, unconditional love for us as we seek to (humbly) exemplify His love for Violet and follow Him with our lives. 

May the love and joy of Jesus fill your hearts and homes this Advent season!


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