Violet {22.5 Months}


March 7, 2014 by texashekmans

At almost 2, Violet is talking and running and singing and dancing like any energetic, spirited toddler would. It has been a really fun over the past few months hearing her vocabulary expand and watching her dynamic personality continue to shine. Here are a few updates and recent highlights…

Things she loves to do right now:

  • talk to us, tell us funny jibber/jabber stories about what she did during the day
  • go to the new Austin Children’s Museum, where her favorite station is the paint wall


  • play in the sand in our backyard
  • kick a ball in the backyard
  • chase/or be chased by Betsy or Mom or Dad in the backyard
  • play “night – night” (pretend hiding under a blanket on our bed, or the guest bed)


  • pick flowers along the sidewalk
  • give Betsy a bath
  • watch Daniel Tiger and Caillou and Little Bear
  • play in her enormous new dollhouse! (Thank you, Engstroms!)
  • read books (usually the Marley dog series are her favorites, along with a book called “Dot” and another called “Belinda Ballerina”)
  • play with babydolls, pretending to change their diapers or feed them
  • color/draw, with chalk/pens/pencils/crayons or Do-a-Dot Markers
  • play with animals, whether its the zoo, or the pet store, or the ducks at Town Lake, she is an animal lover no doubt


What she does that makes us laugh:

  • when she says something funny or surprising, which then makes us laugh, she quickly says with a smirk on her face “no laugh, Momma” or “no laugh, Dadda” – knowing it will just make us laugh harder
  • when she copies us, verbatim, unexpectedly. Yesterday I told her we were almost home and we’d be home in one minute. She paused, and then promptly repeated back to me “one minute, Momma”.
  • when she sings and dances! The best is when she sings “head, shoulders, knees and toes” or the ABCs, which usually go something like “O, P, P, O, P, O, C” 😉

Other miscellaneous updates:

  • She tries to say almost every/any word these days, whether we ask her to say it or not. But she pronounces things incorrectly quite often, and typically she switches consonants around to make the funniest little toddler words. For example, kitty cat is pronounced “ticky tack” and “hiccups” are pronounced “hippocks”. My speech pathologist friend reassured me its totally normal, so we just think its cute and hilarious for now.
  • Finally, she is only breastfeeding 1x per day, and truly only because of Mom’s laziness because it is the fastest/easiest way to calm her down and get her to fall asleep for an afternoon nap. We plan to kick this habit by her second birthday next month, but thankfully this isn’t a big deal and weaning her down to this wasn’t even hard at all.
  • She got her first hair cut last month! The back of her hair grows 3x as fast as the front, so she was getting quite the mullet/rat-tail in the back. We took her to a kids hair stylist, to try to prevent any meltdowns, and they gave her a fun time with a balloon, a car to sit in, a movie to watch and a lollipop. It took all of 2 minutes to trim the ends of her hair all around, but it has already helped her hair to grow in a bit more feminine and cute.Image
  • We are on currently on day #1 of potty training!!! She seems a bit apprehensive about the whole ordeal, but we’re determined to atleast give it a good try for the next week. So far, she’s peed in the toilet once and had no accidents. But its only 10am so its really hardly begun.

To close, here’s a pretty snapshot of the happy girl in the sunshine one evening before dinner.



One thought on “Violet {22.5 Months}

  1. Jim and Ernestine Aberle says:

    thanks for all the message s and pictures of dear Violet. We miss her and are so grateful for our memories with her and you all. How very blest you are and we pray for the little one growing in your tummy; lots of love, Grammy and PopPop

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