Violet {2 Years Old}


April 25, 2014 by texashekmans

Violet at 2 years old continues to draw attention and comments from friends, family and even strangers about the fact that she is quite dynamic and energetic. So in other words, not much has changed in 2 years – ha! But we really are so thankful for her and we continue to love the spunky, moody, funny ball-of-energy that she is even more in every stage.

Here are a few general updates as of late:

  • Violet is now officially potty trained, except for naps/nights. I will hopefully post another blog just about this, stay tuned. But praise God! We are super thankful to be done with the hardest/first part of the training process.
  • She is also completely weaned, finally! Our goal/deadline was by her 2nd birthday, and we got there about 2 weeks ahead of time without really any trouble, except that she does fight going to sleep even more now (note next comment).
  • She still just doesn’t love to sleep and continues to fight her naps and bedtimes as always, but now with feisty toddler-tantrum angst.
  • She is officially in the 100th percentile for height (whatever that means), and wearing mostly all 3T clothes.


What she loves doing these days:

  • Painting on her new artist easel from Uncle Myles and Sam (or at preschool or at the Austin Children’s Museum)
  • Seeing and picking wildflowers like bluebonnets, “Blue flowers!”
  • Playing with bugs and animals always. She usually stops whatever she’s doing when she sees an ant and bends down to look at it.


  • Saying all kinds of new things:
    • “not working” (when a phone or TV screen pauses or goes off),
    • “me too”, “uh huh”,
    • “what’s happening?”, “who’s that?”, “what is this?”,
    • “Vivi beat Daddy” (in a race),
    • “Daddy, sit next Vivi, watch show?”,
    • “thanks Mommy”, “no thanks” and “yes, please”,
    • Her “A, B, C’s” – she forgets a bunch of letters but knows the general sound of most of the letters within the structure of the song,
    • Counting 1 to 10,  “1, 2, 3, 4, 7…9, 10”
  • Watching favorite shows:
    • Little Bear “Hiccups”
    • Curious George “Ants” and “George’s Home Run”
    • Yo Gabba Gabba “Eat”, “Sleep”, and “Clean”
    • Daniel Tiger…every single one
    • Dora (kind of)
    • Peppa Pig
  • Playing with her care bears (that she got for going #2 in the potty), babydolls and dolls/figures in her dollhouse. She really likes to put a blanket on her baby doll’s back and pretend she’s putting her to bed.
  • Playing in her handed-down but new-to-us playhouse and swingset in the backyard (thank you SO much to our sweet neighbors!)
  • Playing in her sandbox/area in the backyard
  • Showing interest and capability for Kicking, dribbling, throwing hitting a ball
  • FaceTime-ing with family and friends
  • Making funny faces
  • Dancing! She does a lot of dancing with her elbows up next to her face and then likes when everyone else in the room joins her “Mommy, Dance!!”
  • Helping load/fold laundry (i.e. throw it on the floor/pick it up)
  • Giving hugs to Betsy our dog\
  • Eating berries/fruit, bread, peas and goat cheese, as well as a few new recent additions to her limited diet such as cucumbers, hot dogs, fruit snacks, and grape juice.

She is enjoying the warm weather this Spring with daily walks up and down our street, time outside drawing with sidewalk chalk and as always, swinging in her baby swing in our front tree.  We are thankful for the lovely weather and bracing ourselves for a hot hot summer season with tons of time at the pool!


One thought on “Violet {2 Years Old}

  1. James Aberle says:

    love the updates about Violet. Don’t have to ask you what you do with yourself. I’m sure you wonder sometimes how you will have time and love for another one.? You are now just practicing for the rest of the gang. It all seems to flow naturally (not with out times of “Oh I cant do this!) But God gives us Moms incredible strength when we depend on Him and Make those quiet times with Him. (Hang in there with the naps and sleeping with Violet for your own sanity. The sooner children realize Mommy needs quiet time, the better) Love to you and Scott—you are great parents!! Grammy

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