8 Things I Want to Thank My Mom For {Mother’s Day 2014}


May 11, 2014 by texashekmans

mom and vi

After being very encouraged by this blog post to be a Mom who could earn these “thank-you’s” in 20 years, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much I want to thank my own Mom for! While its been a bit more than 20 years now since I was a toddler, I felt inspired to copy this blog post style and capture some of the big thank you’s that my Mom deserves…

  • Thank you, Mom, for always being open to talking about anything, anytime with me. Your openness allowed me to inquire and explore and grow and learn. I value all of the open and honest conversations we’ve had and continue to have!
  • Thank you for showing me what compassion looks like, towards me, but also towards those around us in need. Your passion for your nursing career and lifelong dedication to serving refugees, the elderly and the poor all displayed Christ-like compassion for me before I really understood what that was. Thank you for obeying and following Jesus in loving others and serving them so well.
  • Thank you for showing me what it looked like to know and love our neighbors. I truly cannot remember a house or neighborhood we lived in where our neighbors weren’t just like family to us. Now I understand what intentionality, time and vulnerability that required! I am so thankful for those relationships and for the understanding of what it means to actually embrace the community that you live in.
  • Thank you for displaying true and open hospitality to our neighbors, friends, and even strangers alike. You’ve always been gifted at sharing generous, delicious meals or snacks with whoever showed up at your door and I admire your others-centered hospitality.
  • Thank you for feeding me super weird and super healthy food all of my life! Of course I didn’t appreciate this as a kid, but now I want to really thank you for feeding me organic, low-sugar and non-processed foods before it was a big trend. Sorry I complained so much and probably whined for Oreos and sugary cereals throughout most of my childhood, but thank you for introducing my palate to the wonders of artichokes, hummus, goat cheese, tofu, fresh vegetables and all the other bizarre, nutritious foods you prepared for us.
  • Thank you for juggling and embracing motherhood, marriage, work and ministry all at the same time. Never easy, but it was clear to me growing up that you welcomed the challenge with grace and humility.
  • Thank you for being so active and adventurous with us. You encouraged, allowed and joined us in playing outside in the neighborhood creek, going for long hikes at Great Falls National Park, riding bikes, visiting the zoo, going wilderness camping and so much more. I didn’t realize it as a child, but I want to thank you for all of the time, energy and sacrifice I now realize it requires in order to engage in all of these fun activities with kids.
  • Thank you for forgiving me and loving me unconditionally despite all the times I rebelled against you, worried you and hurt you.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you and appreciate you so much!!



One thought on “8 Things I Want to Thank My Mom For {Mother’s Day 2014}

  1. Ernestine Aberle says:

    how beautifuly you stated all that, and being her Mom, I know its all true. All you are well on your way with all of those qualities,plus more!

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