Meet Ezra Scott Hekman!


September 1, 2014 by Slow Sand

Here he is: Ezra Scott Hekman

swaddled copy

Born at 5:25 pm on Monday, August 18, 2014
7lbs, 9oz
19.9 inches

Ezra made a dramatic entrance by arriving two weeks earlier than expected and with a higher than normal respiratory rate.  Long story short: Mom’s cesarean delivery went smoothly, but baby Ezra wasn’t breathing regularly (due to remaining fluid in his lungs). Because of that, along with a low blood sugar count, he was required to be in the NICU to stabilize and heal for the first five days of life. The experience was heartbreaking and overwhelming to say the least, but he was a strong little trooper.

That said, we are incredibly humbled and thankful for the many ways God revealed His amazing mercy and protection to our family over those challenging 5 days. We are also so thankful that Ezra was healed and released quickly! We have been adjusting and enjoying the new addition to our family for over a week now. He is such a sweet, happy baby so far and we love that he loves to be held, rocked and sung to — especially by his adoring older sister! More details to come, but for now, we welcome you to join us in praising God for the miracle of life in our son, Ezra.

A few pictures from our iPhones are included below, and here is a link to a preview of some of the professional pictures we had taken of him. (Thank you so much, Erika!)

Enjoy! And feel free to send Ezra a welcome email if you’d like at 🙂

Ezra with hands up copy

Violet holding E

Ezra in front yard

One thought on “Meet Ezra Scott Hekman!

  1. David Fish says:

    Thanks for Blog etc. Heard just a little from your Dad but glad for whole story. We thank Him for watching over all of you. He is faithful!! Now we ask Him for strength for you in caring for another little miracle. God has entrusted them to wonderful parents. Love, Nana/Pop

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