Ezra [1 Month]

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September 20, 2014 by Slow Sand

090114_4167BWEzra is one month and two days old now, and its been a whirlwind of a month to say the least! Starting with the crazy NICU stay and then lots of visitors and busy weeknights/weekends for our family, the first four weeks of his life have flown by even though its already hard to remember what it was like without him here. He is the perfect sweet addition to our family and we love him so much!

Here are some updates for the records…

Size: He is definitely getting much chunkier and longer, but still just barely fits into the Newborn size clothes. I think we have a few more days, maybe a week of that, and then he’ll be in all 0-3 months clothes.

Eating (these notes are just for me to be able to remember/compare!): He typically nurses every 2-3 hours during the day, and every 3-4ish at night. He is not doing 4 hour stretches consistently yet, but randomly, and hopefully more and more often as the days go by. 🙂 Randomly during the day, he only wants to nurse on one side, which I’m not sure about, but doesn’t seem to bother him and he just nurses on the other side after 2 hours. Also, he definitely needs to get a good burp out after each feeding or he struggles with what seems like gas pain. We give him Mylicon drops about once a day, or every other day, when he seems to be having this pain and it goes away in minutes. p.s. We must take a minute here to note how thankful we are that he is breastfeeding SOOO easily. Even after nasal tube feedings, bottle feedings and pacifiers and formula in the NICU, he hasn’t had any trouble latching at all. Such an answer to prayer!

Sleeping: He sleeps in our room at night, in the “rock n play” sleeper thingy, right next to my side of the bed. We always swaddle him at night, as it seems to help prevent him from startling himself and waking up. He grunts a lot (maybe its a boy thing?!?) which sometimes keeps us awake, and we are trying to figure out if its related to gas pain or what. Also, as mentioned above, he doesn’t do very long stretches of sleep at night yet (only 3-4 hours) but he is pretty easy to put back to sleep after feedings so that is nice at least.

Things we love about him and want to record about right now:

-How much he loves to be held and rocked and snuggled – even by his sister

-That he likes his pacifier, seems quite contented to have it especially in the car

-That he is usually pretty flexible about when and where he eats/sleeps

-How great he is at nursing!

-His long dark hair (I know it won’t be dark forever so am enjoying it while it lasts)

-How he looks at me with such sweet and curious eyes

-That he enjoys being outside, and also held in the Ergo carrier

-That he naps well in his swing

-His long fingers – they look like Hekman hands for sure

-His gorgeous smile is rare, but we’ve seen him flash it a few times and hope to capture it on camera soon. 🙂

-How he calms right down and closes his eyes when you rub his forehead

Ezra really is living up to his nickname “Easy E” so far, but of course we’d love him even if he didn’t. He is adorable and so so sweet, and we are very blessed by his health and his life in our family!


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