Violet {2.5 Yrs}

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October 13, 2014 by texashekmans

Violet is just so grown up! Her vibrant personality continues to shine bright in this house as she is an adoring and sweet older sister, as well as a feisty strong-willed toddler who is trying to figure out where her boundaries are. Lots of ups and downs each day of course, but it is such a blessing to be her Mom.

Here are some updates on her size/growth lately…

Size: She is in all 3T clothing, and some 4T as well. She wears size 9 shoes! Crazy.

Teeth: Her 2year molars haven’t even started coming in yet, so we’ve had a really nice 6+ month break from all symptoms of teething. Whew.

What she’s doing:

-Loving Disney princesses!

-Still enjoys painting, especially at the Thinkery (Austin Children’s Museum)

-Swimming at the YMCA with her Dad on Saturdays

-Playing outside in the backyard


-Playing tag

-Singing songs, and sometimes she even makes them up on her own

-Reading books to us (ones that are repetitive and that she’s memorized) or to her animals/dolls

-Wearing dresses! This is probably because of how much she loves princesses right now, but she is really into wearing dresses. Always prefers that over shorts or pants.

-Loving her “kitty”. My Mom “Gigi” bought this pink stuffed kitten for Violet at the hospital gift shop a few days after Ezra was born. Violet has slept with it every night/nap since and she is most attached to it than any other stuffed animal right now.

-Saying “no” , yellling, and/or bossing us and/or her friends around. Ehh hmm. Not surprising but certainly not the most fun part of parenting her right now. As most 2.5yr olds are, she is super strong-willed and very often trying to demand her own way regardless of what we tell her. Lots of spankings/time-outs/time-ins are happening…and its hard. But overall she seems to be slowly learning that Mom and Dad are in control and that she can trust us enough to obey us, as we trust Jesus enough to obey Him.

-When not throwing a tantrum, she is often saying super sweet things, and just generally talking up a storm. A few nights ago after our family neighborhood walk, Scott was holding her and I went up to give her a hug too. She squeezed my neck and said to us “I love the both of you”. Adorable or what?!? We love you too, sweet Violet. 🙂


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