Ezra [4.5 Months]

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January 13, 2015 by texashekmans

The past several weeks flew by full of Christmas parties, family members in town, and lots of family fun celebrating Jesus’ birthday and the New Year. Ezra grew up a lot in the past month but we were so busy we almost didn’t document it, so lets record a few things here…

Size: He is in mostly all 9 months clothes, some are 6-9 months. He weighed 16.8lbs at his 4 month appt which makes him in the 60% for weight, and he was 68% for height, 80% for his head size. Poor buddy still has such a big head for his body!

Sleeping: Right when he turned 4 months (mid-December) he really woke up a lot in terms of what seemed to be “intellectually” – like he was just suddenly super alert and interested in everything around him in a new way. At the same time, he was far less likely to fall asleep easily, ever. He needed me to hold/rock/pat his back for 15-30 minutes or so before he would doze off and then he’d wake instantly whenever I would put him in his crib. We tried a zillion ways to get him to fall asleep more peacefully, but it was clear that he was having a lot of trouble soothing himself. ALSO the pacifier was becoming my worst enemy. Once we did get him to sleep, he would wake up every hour crying until his pacifier was back in his mouth. It went on like this for about a week and half, and only worsened as he got more over-tired (and so did I!). That said, I eventually got really desperate for him to sleep and decided we had to take away the pacifier and “coach” him on how to fall asleep unassisted. It was a brutal 2 days that included a lot of crying, but Scott was kind enough to tackle most of it (the listening/going in to help him part) and after 2 days Ezra hardly cried at all when put into his crib for nighttime, and only for 5 minutes or less at naps. He can now completely soothe himself and seems to be our peaceful and good sleeper again!!!! Yay! Sidenote for the record’s sake: He goes to sleep around 7 or 7:30pm every night. Wakes up to eat around 4am and then back to sleep until around 7:30am. I am so thankful!

Eating: Ezra nurses around 4am, 8am, 11:30ish, 3ish, and then takes a big bottle around 630ish. He doesn’t seem to need any extra food yet, but is interested in everything in my hands, so I’m sure we will introduce solid foods at some point if he starts seeming hungrier soon.

Physical therapy update: We saw his PT last week and she confirmed what we’d noticed – that his head control continues to improve, his head is tilting less and he is gaining strength in his neck! This is great and we continue to pray that he would be completely healed of all head/neck development issues.

Fun new developments:

-Loves to play with his toes (aka stick them in his mouth)

-Loves his new toys from Christmas, he especially likes this talking/lighting up Puppy he got and a stuffed Olaf too

-He still loves bath time a lot, and enjoys playing with a toy or two while bathing

-He is really interested in Violet and what shes doing. He looks at her with such intense curiousity and admiration. It’s still pretty rare but so adorable to watch them interact!

-He loves to look in a mirror! The dresser in our bedroom has become a fave because he can sit on top and see himself closely in the reflection. Too cute how he lights up with big jolly smiles.

-He rolls a lot now, most often he rolls from tummy to back (both R and L) or he rolls from his back to his L side. He doesn’t roll often from his back to his R side, which is likely due to his neck tightness issues. But truly most 4-5 month olds are still exploring all the ways they can roll so we’re hopeful/prayerful that he will get the hang of it in just a matter of time.

-He had a few days there before Christmas where he was blowing bubbles with his lips in response to us doing it to him, and it was so cute! He was also just really excited that he could make that sound/sensation and he did it pretty often for those few days.

-Still loves to watch TV – oops.

-Enjoys being put in his highchair and playing with toys! This is a nice way for me to keep him in sight but also have him sitting and playing while I can do dishes or make meals, etc.

-Does well in the church nursery and YMCA childcare! Yay! This may change in a few months when he gets more “stranger anxiety” but right now, it is so nice that I can let other people take care of him without a problem.

-Seems to be really able to recognize Mom and Dads faces, and he reacts to us both quickly with a big, jolly and sometimes really sweet and sheepish smile. He gets so happy when Scott gets home and seems to really enjoy time with his Dad as much as with me. So precious!

Overall he continues to be a very sweet, cuddly and joyful baby boy. We love him and love watching him grow!


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