Ezra [5 Months]

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January 21, 2015 by texashekmans

Not a ton is new since the last blog post since it was so late into the month, but here are a few things Ezra is up to now that he is officially a curious and happy 5 month old:

  • Wearing 9-12 month size clothes. He is big and has the best chunky baby thighs!
  • Rolling around! He consistently rolls from tummy to back, and often from back to side and then sometimes from back to tummy too. Not as often, but he has done it both ways before.
  • Reaching for things, such as toys, books, his bottle (!), his pacifier, blankets, etc. The most adorable thing is when he grabs my face and really holds it tightly with both hands. Its an unremarkably sweet feeling to have tiny baby hands embrace your face like that!
  • Squawking like a bird! When he is bored or wants attention or tired, he sqawks/screams realllllly loud. Its really not crying, its more like protesting and its crazy how loud he can be! I think he has his Dad’s lungs!
  • Doing great at the YMCA and church nursery. He loves to be put in the swing and look around at all the crazy action, and sometimes he likes to be held by the caregivers too of course. But in general, he is really content and relaxed about going to these childcare situations and I know I’ve got to enjoy this while it lasts!
  • Loves having a book read to him, grabs at the pages.
  • Loves his nightly bathtime ritual with lots of people usually running around the kitchen during it.
  • Loves to watch TV or the iPad with Violet.
  • Laughs at people when they put their faces up close to his. He seems like he really just wants to be close and grab your face all the time!
  • Getting cuter by the minute. Literally I always want to take his picture because I really do love this fun and exploratory stage with him. I want to just be able to capture the sweetness of every minute but the pictures never do it justice.

Lately, as I fall more and more in love with this baby boy, I’m blown away by the fact that God loves me WAY more than I love my kids. If the love I have for my kids is just a tiny glimpse, it really is unfathomable how much our Creator loves and cares for us. I pray God will continue to help me to better understand and feel His love for me, as I continue to love and care for the sweet babies he has blessed me with.


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