Ezra [6 Months]

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February 19, 2015 by Slow Sand

Ezra continues to be his jolly and sweet self! It’s hard to believe he’s already half of a year old. Here are a few updates on him:

Size: He is wearing mostly all 9-12 month clothes, but some 6 month things still fit if they are short sleeved or don’t have footies.  He has super long arms and legs (like Violet always did!) so his clothes need to be bigger sized in order to keep him warm.

Sleeping: He typically is asleep by 7 or 7:30 each night, after a big 9oz bottle. He wakes up sometime between 4-6am, and typically goes back to sleep until 7 or 8am. He does wake up and stir/cry a few times a night, but nothing too upsetting. Overall, he seems to like sleeping in his crib and he rolls around a ton throughout the night. We are truly just so thankful for a pretty great night of sleep for ourselves and no tricks to getting him to sleep on his own. On this note, it is super adorable to watch him soothe himself. Right before nap or nightime, he knows its coming and typically gives me a little bit of a fussy look/sound. Then he grabs the bulk of the soft fleecy fabric on his SleepSack (what we put him in to keep him warm) and he chews on it and falls asleep. It doesn’t sound cute, I’m realizing now, but it is cute to watch for some reason. [Or just maybe its cute compared to the screaming I had to endure from his sister in lieu of her ability to self soothe?!?]

Eating: He usually nurses at some point in the morning between 4-6am, then again around 8 or 9, 12 4 and 7. (Give or take a bit on days that he wakes up at 6am, then I’m feeding him every 4 hours….6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm) but it doesn’t seem to really change much on these days.

Other fun things he is doing:

-Enjoying his sister a TON. He watches her all day and smiles and laughs at her activity constantly. He loves her attention and its really sweet to watch her affection for him grow too.

-Enjoying our dog, Betsy. He seems really interested in petting her and he doesn’t mind when she gives him kisses. [Good for his immune system, right?!]

-Sitting up! He still needs my support in order to stay seated, but he can sit up on his own for a few seconds now and he seems to get stronger every day.

-Laughing more. He will typically laugh if you kiss/tickle his neck with your nose, and other times he just wants to grab your face and have you looking at him super close up.

-Loves his activity playmate and he wants all the toys hanging from it at the same time.

-Enjoys his exersaucer/jumper but not for very long yet. He is still pretty little for it and doesn’t really have the neck strength to be comfy for more than 5-10 minutes.

-His favorite thing still seems to be grabbing our faces, whether its on the playmat, changing table, or even when I’m just holding him. If I put my face close to his he will grab mine and flash his jolly and joyful baby smile.

-Choosing favorite toys. Right now it seems to be anything that rattles/shakes pretty loudly, and anything that has a rubber part for chewing on. Maybe he is teething but so far he isn’t showing any major signs of that, other than chewing on everything like all babies do.

-Chooses his favorite books. He likes a black and white one called “Cluck and Moo” and another one with Tigger on the cover.

-Still loves bathtime!

-Talks/complains a bit when he is bored or tired. He blabbers something that sounds a bit like “rah rah rah” and it usually isn’t a very happy sound. Not crying, just sounds like he is grumpy.

He is overall a really content baby, and is currently in my favorite baby stage of all. He is sleeping well, eating well/quickly/efficiently, able to play by himself but increasingly interactive and wants you to play with him, so squishy and snuggly to hold and so sweet to just be around. I am so thankful for him, his health and his growth even though I do really wish that time would stop or slow down for a while so we could enjoy this stage even longer! But I am also excited to see how he continues to grow and increase our family’s joy over the coming months/years. We love you Ezra – happy half birthday!!!


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