Ezra [7 Months]


March 19, 2015 by texashekmans

Ezra is laughing more, sitting up and interacting with us a ton now. It is hilarious and so fun! Here are some of the general updates:

  • Size: He weighs 20ish pounds now, but I’m not positive the exact number. He is in size 4 diapers and 9month clothes. He is super super chunky with amazing full cheeks and chubby arms and legs that are so perfectly baby-like. It was funny today I noticed also that he really has very broad/wide shoulders! Such a little man!!!
  • Moving: He can roll himself around a room pretty well, but has no real signs of crawling yet. He does push himself up off of his hands, but doesn’t get anywhere near pushing himself off of his tummy so I imagine we’ll see some army crawling before we get real crawling. But he can roll to get to new/dangerous objects when he wants to so I do have to keep that in mind. Today he rolled off of the playmate on the patio to the grass and he started to eat leaves when I wasn’t looking. Ooops.
  • Eating: He nurses or takes a bottle 5x per day, usually aroudn 5am, 8-9am, 12-1ish, 4ish, and 7pm ish. Other than Baby Puffs and Mums (packaged rice-cereal and crackers that dissolve with saliva in his mouth), he really isn’t eating solids yet. Honestly, he really doesn’t like any pureed foods that I’ve tried giving to him on a spoon, and he doesn’t like any of the finger-feeding baby food that I’ve prepared for him either. We’ve tried avocados, bananas, peaches, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots (in both pureed and finger-feeding styles) and he seems to gag and spit out all of it! Today I gave him a bit of a whole wheat bagel tho and he liked that. He didn’t swallow a ton of it, but he actually didn’t gag so that’s progress!
  • Sleeping: He goes to sleep around 7-7:30pm, wakes up around 4-5am to eat and usually goes back to sleep until 7 or 7:30am. Naps around 9:30-11ish and 1:30-3:30ish. Depending on how long/restful his naps are, he sometimes takes a 3rd nap around 5pm but less often now than ever before.

Fun things he does:

-Loves to watch Violet, anytime, all the time. He just smiles and laughs and waves his hands and kicks his feet when shes’ around and you can tell he is enamored by her. It’s so funny and fun to watch! I’ve recently moved his carseat to be right next to hers b/c it dramatically reduces his fussiness in the car. He looks at her and laughs much more often than he fusses now which is so helpful!

-Rolls around the room or patio to find new toys/thigns to play with and chew on.

-Bounces/plays in his exersaucer

-Gets really happy and loudly screams/smiles when his Dad gets home from work and first walks in the room

-Cuddles with us, as much as possible. He loves to be held and will sit pretty still in my lap (often with a toy or two) and just contentedly watch tv or look around a room or observe whatever playground or park we’re in with Violet. It’s great and I know its shortlived (as this is over once they can start crawling/walking) so I’m really trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

-Gets really mad when Violet or I take away a toy or something that he is enjoying playing with. He doesn’t get mad often but when this happens, he screams so SO loud. Its hard on the eardrums but kinda good to see he’ll probably be able to at least try to stick up for himself to his big sister when needed.

-Loves hot water, as confirmed by his first time in a pool. My grandparents Grammy & Pop-pop were recently in town and they stayed at a nearby hotel with a poool and hot-tub. We took Violet in and she loved the pool as always, but Ezra was very still and not very excited about the water. He never cried, but he wasn’t smiling or splashing either. I noticed that the hot tub wasn’t being used, and it wasn’t very hot either, so I took him in and he got super happy, splashing everywhere and smiling up a storm. Funny boy! We’ve always noticed that he does NOT like when his bath water gets coldish – he will fuss right away. Guess this is a trend and he’s in luck living in TX as pretty much all of the swimming pools feel like warm baths by mid-July.

-Sitting up! He will still fall over after a few minutes but its a much more gracious and controlled fall now and he is getting stronger and better at it everyday. His head shape is noticably improved because of this and we are so grateful!

We love you so much Ezra!!!


One thought on “Ezra [7 Months]

  1. David Fish says:

    These updates are great I really love them, keep them coming. Love Nana

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