Violet {3 Years}

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April 18, 2015 by texashekmans

Standing next to the tree we planted on her 1st birthday, in celebration of her life.

Violet, age 3. Standing here next to the tree she calls “her tree” because we planted on her 1st birthday, in celebration of her life.

All of a sudden, Violet is nothing like a toddler and everything like a KID. I feel like no one warned me that my baby and then toddler would just wake up a KID one day. Like overnight, one nigh in the past 6 months, somewhere, it happened. Seriously, she doesn’t have very many baby-talk-ish speech difficulties anymore, she understands EVERYTHING or asks VERY specific questions if she doesn’t, she has no baby chunk on her body anymore at all (except those Hekman cheeks are for life, for sure ;), she knows exactly how to manipulate her way into plenty of trouble, and she surely can run faster than me. Yikes. Its so fun but so unbelievably strange how fast this happened. Here are some of the typical updates:

Size: This girl is still tall! We haven’t had her weighed or measured at 3yrs yet, but surely she is still at the top of the chart. She wears mostly all 4T clothes (ok all dresses – she only ever wants to wear dresses!). Also, she is really thinning out and looking like a little girl, not like a chunky toddler. I’m thankful she is healthy and growing even if it is all waay too quick.

Sleep: She is usually in bed around 7 or 730pm-ish, because she hardly ever takes a nap and wakes up around 630 or 7am. I wish there was a way we could encourage her to sleep in a bit later and then be able to stay up later, but her body clock seems to just wake up then. By 6pm she is so tired, but we push through dinner and bath/bedtime routines to try to get her in bed without making her too overtired. (Note to my future self reading this when I have another 3 year old…she really stopped napping completely these days and she gets SO overtired if we keep her up much past 7pm. Overtired = crazy cranky, defiant, screaming, hot mess. Not fun really for anyone and then the next day is rough usually too. I’ve learned the hard way.)

Eating: She continues to be an extremely particular, however fairly healthy, eater. She really really really does NOT want to eat meat, but occasionally we force her to eat chicken and she barely does. Her favorite foods are oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce food blend pouches (with all kinds of vegetables included that she is unaware of!), bagels (a very new one!), goat cheese and crackers, or goat cheese balls of course, berries, bananas, homemade popsicles, banana cookies, pancakes, spaghetti, french fries, cucumbers and pizza.

What she is doing these days:

-Puzzles are new – she needs me to do them with her the first 4-5 times but after that, she can put a 24 piece puzzle together almost totally by herself.

-Drawing people and writing letters and numbers, especially wanting to practice writing the letters in her name

-Says that she wants to be a kitty cat when she grows up.

-Always refers to days/events/things in the past as “yesterday”.

-Saying very adult phrases like “just a second” and “Whats up, Mom?”

-Randomly calls us “Lydia” and “Uncle Scott”….lol.

-Imagining SO MUCH. She makes up stories/games with all of her animals and dolls like it is her full.time.job. And it is, really. It’s really hilarious to play with her and help her come up with stories and games. Her Dad is much more creative and funny about all of this (surprise, surprise!) but I really enjoy seeing this part of her develop and playing along with her too.

-Watching too much TV. Ugh. I’m sad about this, but its the truth so I want to at least admit and document it. Hopefully its just a phase and we are gonna shake it off this summer as her brother gets more interactive and we get outside more, but right now, its just a bad habit! I think part of it is that she isn’t napping anymore and when she’s tired, she really wants to do this to just chill. It started out as kind of a treat, but now she is used to it and loves/expects it. She typically prefers to watch Sofia the First, The Donut Hole (a hilariously produced Christian Bible Story show that I used to watch in the 90s!), or she dances around while watching Angelina Ballerina.

-Dancing everywhere. She has taken several ballet classes at the YMCA and she loves it. It’s really fun to watch her and she is learning some of the positions and movements actually. I love that she loves to do this, and pray she’ll always be able to have such fun jumping and moving and dancing.

-Swimming. She has always loved to swim and took her first round of swim classes at the YMCA last month. Honestly they didn’t go very well though, and we realized in hindsight that we should’ve done some swim teaching on our own first, or signed her up for a few private classes first. She has never worn goggles before, and never really got comfortable putting her head under the water because we always made her wear the life-jacket-type-floaties where her head hardly could go in the water. The class was a bit overwhelming for her because they really expected her to listen, obey and follow a lot of instructions about something she wasn’t all that comfortable doing…and she didn’t enjoy it much. But we learned and have been practicing with her and she says she wants to take another class soon. So we shall see!

-Still coloring and painting anytime gets the chance.

-Picking flowers! (OK, they’re totally weeds, but she doesn’t know it). She brings me a bouquet from the backyard almost everyday.

-Playing with friends. We’ve finally arrived at the point where she will play, actively interact and talk or play, with other kids for awhile without much adult attention required. It is fun to see her friendships develop and I pray she will grow in her kindness and generosity as she plays.

-Cooking and baking with me, whenever she gets the chance.

-Singing a lot. She loves for us to sing to her at bedtime and she sweetly sings along too. Also, she doesn’t ask to watch the iPad or iPhone in the car anymore, she likes to listen to music and sing along! Or sometimes she even says “I just want to look out the window”. SO sweet and different than a few months ago.

We often say now that she is “3 going on 13” or in other words, a “threenager” because of her fiesty spirit and increasingly often defiant nature. But we are also seeing her grow in compassion and love of God and His truth and its such a blessing to watch a little mind discover the joys of starting to understand a bit about our Creator for the first time. We are thankful for the gift that she is to us and we are proud to be her parents. We love you Violet!


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