Ezra [8 Months]

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April 23, 2015 by texashekmans


I love this baby and this stage so much! Ezra is still a big, happy baby as always but he is really interactive and seems to really understand people, rhythms and routines in our days now. For example, every morning I feed him in our bed and when he is done he instantly rolls over to wake up his Dad by either saying “Dada” or by making his usual tongue clicking noises. Its adorable how this is such a routine for him and how well he has come to know/expect it. Here are some other updates:

Size: I don’t know how much he weighs but he is so so so big. Wearing all 9month or 12month clothes. He finally just started eating solid foods (more details below) and I swear he gained several pounds in the past week as a result. He has the chubbiest cheeks and tummy and thighs and its soo so sweet and fitting for this little happy guy.

Sleep: He is sleeping through the night really well now! He takes a bottle around 6 or 7 and goes to sleep after that until about 6am. He is usually taking 2 naps, once from about 8 or 9-10ish and another from about 1 or 2 til 3-4ish. Not a perfect schedule of course, because most days around here are chaotic and different, but he is really quite flexible and that is a gracious gift to me!

Eating: All of a sudden one day he started LOVING solid foods. Yogurt was the first thing I gave him that he didn’t refuse (of course b/c it was the super sugary and delicious honey vanilla Greek yogurt kind!) but it led to him not really refusing much of anything. Since then, he has started eating a lot of oatmeal, sweet potatoes, spinach/green pea/pear combos, crackers, wheat toast, and yogurt still is probably his favorite.

Moving: He rolls around the room really well and faster than I expect! He is starting to push up more and more on his hands but still seems pretty far from actual crawling. The rolling seems to get him where he wants to go, he just doesn’t know that there is a more efficient way, but I am totally ok with that for now! Gives me some time before I have to go grab whatever dangerous thing he is going to go roll over and find!

Other fun things:

-He still can get pretty unhappy in the car, but I think its often because he is in there when he is tired and he doesn’t fall asleep well in the car. But he has been happier once we put his carseat directly next to Violet’s carseat, as he just loves to watch her and he often laughs and smiles at her regardless of whether she is paying attention to him or not.

-He still loves Betsy, our dog, and he giggles whenever she kisses/licks him or comes close enough for him to pet/grab.

-He is sitting up really well now! He will fall if I leave him in the sitting position for awhile, but its usually because he wants to be able to roll around and go get something new to play with.

-Loves to click his tongue – I don’t know why but he does like to do it right now and its cute because he wants you to copy him and do it back.

-Loves peekaboo!

-I cut his hair for the first time last week, because the top pieces were just getting soooo long and tangly! He still looks a bit like he has a toupee – because his hair has either fallen out or gone totally blond on the bottom and sides. On the top its long and still brown! But its still cute so I couldn’t bear to chop it all off. Just the ends of the toupee-ish part.

-He has developed some separation anxiety for sure, which makes it harder for us to leave him in childcare at the YMCA or church, but its usually not too bad. He loves attention and being held and now -snacks!- which helps a ton.

It’s a blast to watch this happy sweet boy grow up and I’m so thankful that I get to be his Mom! Love you Ezra!



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