Ezra [9 Months]

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May 18, 2015 by texashekmans


Don’t you wish you were 9 months old and totally relaxed in your Dads’ arms like this again? I mean really…life is GOOD at 9 months old!

Ezra is SO sweet and SO fun right now. He’s just a ball of sweet snuggly love and it overwhelms me at least once a day how sweet and happy he is. Here are some of the regular updates…

Size: I don’t know yet – he has an appt where he’ll be weighed soon. But he seems HUGE to me. He wears almost all 12 or 12-18 month clothes and he is the chunkiest baby I’ve seen around. In awhile. Lol. But I really couldn’t love it more. His super chunky cheeks and especially his thighs are the most lovable little baby legs I can possible imagine.

Sleep: He is sleeping quite well, from around 7 or 730pm to 630am-ish. He still has a bit more “random wake/cry for a few seconds and then its nothing” type of moments happening every night than I would choose myself, but I don’t usually wake up for very long before he is back asleep so I can’t complain. He usually naps from 9ish – 10:30ish and again from 1:30-3:30ish.

Eating: He likes almost everything I have given him! His favorites are yogurt, sweet potatoes, green pea/bean/spinach/pear blends, any banana and carrot blends, bread, crackers, and definitely french fries. Still nurses or takes a bottle 4-5times a day.

Fun things he is doing lately:

-Playing peekaboo. He loves if we do it to him, covering our eyes and surprising him always gets a good laugh. But he started a few weeks ago really playing it himself, to us! I don’t remember Violet ever doing this, so it surprised me and is so cute. He takes a blanket or washcloth or napkin and puts it over his eyes very intentionally and then lifts it away and looks at you with his big jolly grin. It’s just precious how you can tell how proud he is of himself.

-Sitting up really strong but not crawling. I can tell he wants to crawl now, and is working on it more, but lately he is just pretty content to sit with a pile of toys all around him and play, explore and bang them together.

-Crashing/clapping toys together. He seems happiest to play with toys when he has a bucket of legos or something noisy and he can bang them to make really loud crashing noises. When he does this, he looks up at me with a big proud happy grin. 🙂

-Saying “Dada” pretty much on command consistently, shaking his head “no” when he really doesn’t like a food, and randomly he does say “Mama” but not on command and not directly at me.

-He LOVES to take a real bath in the bathtub and splash the water. He loves it most when Violet is in there with him, but even alone, he is happy in the bath tub.

-Enjoying walks in the stroller.

-Loves to chew on and play with a wet wash cloth. Seriously, loves it and he screams SO loud when you take it away. He doesn’t cry or scream often, but when he does, it is incredibly LOUD.

-He loves to have people around, and he is very to content to observe other babies/friends and “play” with them by swapping toys and/or grabbing their hands or hair.

-He still loves Betsy, our dog, and he doesn’t mind getting lots of licks from her.

-Loves to be held and rocked in the rocking chair to fall asleep. I usually don’t let him, as its really pretty important to me that he knows how to put himself to sleep in his crib, but this is new and it is dangerously precious and adorable that he will just peacefully lie on my shoulder and fall asleep while I rock in the chair.

I’m loving this happy big baby stage with you, Ezra and wouldn’t change anything about you and your sweet contented and jolly personality. I seriously kinda wish I could keep you a baby forever but these months continue to fly by! So proud and thankful to be your Mom.



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