What I Love About Violet at Age 3

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May 18, 2015 by texashekmans

Dear Violet,

There are lots of things I really love about you all the time but you change and grow so quickly these days so I want to document what some of my favorite things about you are right now. Here are a few of the things I love about you and what I pray for you regarding those things as well…

You really love to dance! One of my favorite recent memories with you is from a few weeks ago. We were at HEB waiting in line for the deli and I started twirling you around my finger. You laughed and asked me to do it again over and over. It made you so happy to have my finger spinning you and my heart was so happy to see you having so much fun, doing something so silly as dancing in the middle of the grocery store. I pray you can always enjoy dancing and that you can always experience such uninhibited joy despite your surroundings.

You care about other people. Whenever another kid falls or gets hurt or cries around you, you usually stop what you’re doing and focus on them. You’re obviously concerned for them and you seem to really desire for them to be ok. You typically ask me about these situations multiple times after they happen – you remember them. I pray you know I adore your compassion for others, and I also pray you know that I see a glimpse of how you are made in the image of God, who cares so deeply for us, in this same way.

You are so concise and precise and decisive when asked a question about your desires. If I say, “Hey Violet, what do you want to do?”, you don’t usually wonder or wait to answer me. You immediately say, “lets go outside” or “I want to color now”. I am so used to this I hardly notice it, but your friend Shilah’s Mom (aka Aunt Morgan!) always comments on it and she’s right. When I think about it, you are typically very expressive and decisive right away! I pray you are always comfortable expressing your emotions in the moment (not acting on them necessarily!) but expressing them honestly and decisively when asked.

You love for me and/or Dad to sing to you, anytime, all the time, but especially before you go to sleep. This was how I always liked to go to bed as a kid too, and it’s precious that you enjoy it and want it to never end. Sadly I can’t sing to you all night, and sometimes you get pretty mad about this, but I do love to sing to you and how still you lay and snuggle me as I do it. (p.s. I LOVE your new big girl bed and how well you transitioned to it. Also, I’m a bit sad you’re so big and nowhere near in need of a baby crib anymore. That went by so fast!) Also, its amazing how well you learn the lyrics of songs and its especially precious when you say to your Dad, “more God songs, please” and especially also when you sing along with us. I pray you always enjoy singing music to your Creator, as we know He delights in this, and I love worshiping Him with songs together with you.

You love God’s creation and you seem to marvel in sharing it with me, and others. You love to look at the moon, or the stars, or any animals, or even bugs, or of course flowers and you generally want to share in that experience with me or Dad or other people by asking them where that thing is, or if they’d like a flower that you picked, or asking if they want to pet the animal with you. Recently you couldn’t get enough of the talking parrot at the pet store. You seriously couldn’t get over the fact that he said “hello” to you! It’s amazing how instinctive it is for you to enjoy nature, and I pray you never lose the natural delight you have in God’s beautiful world.

Oh there are so many things I love about you these days Violet and I’m so sure that I always will. These days are flying by filled with so many laughs and songs and questions and answers and games and tensions and tantrums and talks and truly, I’m so glad that I get to be part of it all. I love how God is using you to make me more aware of His mercy and grace towards me. Being your Mom lately has made me really appreciate God’s patience with me as I continue to need to learn how to trust that He is a good and worthy-of-trusting-and-obeying Father. You are slowly but surely (hopefully) starting to learn the same about Him, and I know He will be patient with you too. I pray most of all that you get to soon and forever know the everlasting joy of salvation in Jesus. You are an incredibly fun and wonderful girl, Violet. I love you!!



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