Happy 1st Birthday Ezra!

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August 18, 2015 by texashekmans

Happy FIRST birthday, EZRA!! What a joy it is to be your Mom and Dad. We are so thankful for your contented spirit, your joyful smile and sounds, your playfulness and your affection for life, friends, your family, even for Betsy. We love you and we are beyond thankful to call you our big one year old boy!!

bday boy

We celebrated your first birthday by remembering what a surprise entrance you made last year, on Monday, August 18th and by appreciating all of the joy and sweetness you bring to our family. We ate pizza and cupcakes at Tony C’s with the Guevara cousins on Sunday to celebrate, and you completely adored all of the attention from all of your older cousins. You even pushed up on your hands/knees to begin to crawl that way for the first time while we were outside playing with them. They gave you a big blue stuffed monkey that you love!!! We also ate cupcakes again with your Lee family cousins on Tuesday, and you loved being the center of their affection while eating sugary sweets together, sitting like a big kid with no high-chair at the kids table. Here are some pictures of these fun memories we had while cherishing YOU!

on bday with balloon crawling on his bday at pizza with cupcake

Also, here are a few things you’ve been up to that we’ve noticed as you hit the 1-year mark….

  • Army crawling SUPER well.
  • Playing independently very well – reading and rolling the ball back and forth, even throwing it almost.
  • Loves chasing Betsy around and giving her open-mouth kisses. YUCK.
  • Saying more words. Says “ball, mama” on command and “muuuum” when we say “yummmm” to him.
  • Lifting yourself up and crawling onto Violet’s queen sized bed in her room. Falling off isn’t nearly as graceful tho.
  • Nursing less – 2-3 times a day
  • Almost 4 teeth completely in (two on bottom middle and 1.5 on top middle) and several that are bothering you while trying to come in.
  • Calling violet “die-det”
  • Crawling a bit with tummy off the ground.
  • Prefers two but can handle one nap.
  • Kicking/laughing about putting shorts/pants on at the changing table.
  • Can feed yourself with a spoon, messy, but functional!
  • ***As of September 18, he is crawling really well, fast and confidently on his hands/knees and using his forearms instead of crawling on his forearms army-style. We are so proud of him and thankful for this great development! Go Ezra! 🙂 He also has his first ear infection right now…fun times…but he is a champ and getting better quickly now that he’s on the antibiotics.

We can’t get enough of your sweet spirit, precious hugs or happy smiles, Ezra. We love you and we’re so glad to celebrate your 1st wonderful year of life! Happy Birthday big boy!!!

standing at crib


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