What I Love About Ezra on His First Bday

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August 18, 2015 by texashekmans

Ezra, it is a blessing to be your Mom! I love so many things about you and want you to know that on your first birthday, here are some of the things that I love the most about you right now!

  • How you enjoy when I read books to you, and you give me books often and point to them and say “this!”
  • Your laugh every time Betsy or any friendly dog is around
  • How much you enjoy playing with toys! With me, with Violet or even totally independently. You concentrate so well and you seem to really have fun entertaining yourself taking things out of a basket or shelf and putting them into a new one. It’s entertaining for me to watch your little body and brain work!
  • When you snuggle my shoulder and put your arms around my neck. In general it is so sweet how you love to snuggle and be held still at this wiggly and curious age.
  • When I’m holding you and you pat/rub my arm as if you’re saying “hi Mom!”
  • Your sweet kisses!
  • How you are typically very contented and calm but you DO love to be loud and wrestle/roll around
  • How you love to be around people! You get so sad when Dad or Violet or I leave a room without you. And you like to be even in big loud crowded places like church or the YMCA or the pool etc. You seem to love to observe even big crowds of people – crowds don’t seem to overwhelm you, you seem to enjoy the action and attention of new people.

I do honestly often wish that I could keep you a snuggly little baby forever, but I’m equally excited about watching you grow up as you continue to be an increasingly lovable and wonderful boy. I pray God will use your life in big ways that bring you closeness with your Creator and joy in Jesus’ as your Savior. I am so thankful for you and so happy to be your Mom! Happy 1st birthday!


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