Highlights of 2015

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January 1, 2016 by texashekmans


  • We rang in the New Year by ourselves for the first time in our marriage! The kids were in bed (Violet had a high fever/virus that day) and we were sad to miss the usual Hekman family NYE party at Suzie & Andy Palmer’s house in Lansing. We found ourselves enjoying a quiet, fancy-ish date night with candlelight dinner, steak for 2 and a fun night of reminiscing about the year before.
  • Scott went on a trip to London to learn about the evangelical program employed by many churches there called “Alpha.”


  • We began using the “Alpha” program in our community group and welcomed several new people to our group for the Spring season to study the foundations of Christianity with us.
  • Scott & Violet enjoyed their first “Daddy/Daughter” dance at the FTC center.
  • We enjoyed time with Grandy & Marmee when they visited and we celebrated Scott’s 31st birthday with friends from our Austin Stone DTAM family.
  • Scott & I celebrated his birthday together by going to Parkside and Gingerman downtown.


  • We cherished time with Grammy & Pop-Pop (Lydia’s maternal grandparents) as they got to meet Ezra for the first time and bond with Violet with lots of painting, swimming, singing, reading and snuggling.


  • Violet turned 3! We celebrated with joy by throwing her a “purple princess party” at her request, with lots of 2-4 year old friends and neighbors here at our house. We had candy and cake and lots of purple princess things to enjoy. We laughed and cherished her zealous “thank you everyone for coming!” after she blew out the candles and had the whole crowd’s attention.
  • Gigi & Kevin visited Austin and babysat Violet for a night while we went on a weekend retreat with our community  group. We enjoyed lots of fun time with them before and after the retreat!


  • Celebrated Mother’s Day with a family picnic near the 360 Bridge in West Austin.


  • We grieved the loss of Lydia’s grandfather, “Pop” and drove to Morganton, NC to celebrate his life with the Fish family. It was very meaningful to honor his life as a family and it was especially really sweet to see how Violet seemed to bond with Nana, almost supernaturally, as she continued to stay by her side the entire day and tell her “I’m so sorry for your loss, Nana.”
  • We drove from NC to West Michigan and enjoyed 10ish days of time on the beach with lots of cousins and family! We continue to LOVE the Michigan beachfront in the summer time and we cherish lots of restful (well, as restful as things can be with a baby and 3 yr old) and fun family time over this vacation.


  • We celebrated being married for 8 years!
  • We celebrated Jason & Krystel’s wedding in Laredo, TX where Violet was the flower girl.
  • Lydia started a new job as the Sales Coordinator for Austin Moms Blog.


  • We went to the pool a lot and played in the backyard baby pool a ton too. 🙂
  • Scott started his first semester of seminary with 2 online classes through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Our new community group began, with a few neighbors and lots of other new people that all go to the DTAM campus and serve as MC coaches.
  • We celebrated Ezra’s 1st birthday with the Guevara family at Tony C’s pizza restaurant. We love that boy and his jolly smile so much! He enjoyed the pizza and attention from all of his cousins and he took a few of his first REAL crawl moves (not army crawling!) outside while they played after dinner/dessert.
  • We flew to Concord, NH for Myles & Sam’s wedding! It was a stunningly beautiful ceremony and reception and Violet loved every second of being the flower girl. Ezra behaved perfectly by napping through the ceremony and dancing all night at the reception! We were so happy and proud to celebrate Myles & Sam’s marriage with them. 🙂


  • Violet started back to preschool (after a 1 yr hiatus) and she loves it so much! Several of her closest friends from the neighborhood are in her class, and she’s made new close friends since then too. She loves going to preschool and even calls it her “day off” from home.
  • Ezra began going to preschool and he enjoyed it too! We pulled him out at the end of this month though, as it was messing up his nap schedule a lot and it was much cheaper/easier to just let him nap at home instead of preschool.


  • We hosted our first National Night Out and had over 30 neighbors show up to meet one another and enjoy drinks/snacks in our front yard.
  • Gigi & Kevin came to Austin with Lydia’s Aunt Melissa and Uncle John and we enjoyed several fun opportunities to meet up with them and have them over too. One of the most fun times was swimming at Deep Eddy pool, as it was still quite warm out and the water felt great!
  • We had fun going to several Fall festivals and celebrating Halloween with Violet dressed up as a mermaid and Ezra as a lion.


  • The Guevara family was so kind as they watched our kids for a night so we could enjoy 24-hours kid-free to celebrate Lydia’s 30th birthday!! We stayed at a hotel downtown and ate out at every meal, slept in, went out for coffee 2x, and relaxed and bonded while the kids had a blast with their cousins and aunt/uncle.
  • We also celebrated Thanksgiving with the Guevaras and enjoyed lots of fun and laughter, food, and also the craziness of a Target run after our Thanksgiving meal. We love getting to spend holidays with them!


  • We continued to celebrate Lydia’s 30th birthday with the kids and friends, as well as several fun Christmas parties as usual.
  • We celebrated Christmas as a family of four with lots of presents and excitement from both of the kids. We ate Christmas dinner with the Guevaras and enjoyed a lot of fun with Gigi & Kevin when they came to join us on Dec. 28 to extend the Christmas celebration!
  • We enjoyed a long date night by watching Hunger Games 4 and eating a Vox Table.
  • We celebrated Nate & Andrea’s engagement with a small surprise party for them after Nate proposed.
  • We rang in the new year with a quiet night in and enjoyed a home-cooked steak dinner for the 2nd year in a row!

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