Violet is 4!

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April 14, 2016 by texashekmans


2016-04-12 07.32.23

We love so many things about our sweet girl and we cannot get over how fast she has grown up in the past year. She is such an energetic, outgoing, joyful, smart, sometimes quite sassy and beautiful girl.

We love so much how she enjoys signing, and she not only comes home with new songs from school or church but she also makes song up every day that are full of beauty and irony and humor. It is usually so silly but also fun to hear what she comes up with as she sings about our days.

We love how she enjoys writing letters and cards and drawing pictures for people. We find letters with pictures and names unexpectedly written and left all over the house.

We love how much she loves her family, us of course, but also her cousins and aunties and uncles, and also her grandmas/grandpas/Nanas/Papas! She is blessed with a lot of people who love her dearly, and she reciprocates that love and affection so sincerely.

We love her inquisitive and observant nature, and how she picks up on things we are saying. Recently we were talking as a family about reading the Bible and something came up where she explained that it was important to read the Bible so we could “hear from Jesus”. It’s amazing and sweet to hear her repeating the truths that we’ve prayed for her to treasure.

Here are some fun pictures of how you, Violet, celebrated turning 4 with lots of friends and your new trampoline!


We pray you will always love to celebrate and gather with your family and a big group of sweet friends, as we pray you’ll always be able to delight in the feast that God is preparing for us to enjoy with Him forever! Happy 4th Birthday, Violet Mae!


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