Ezra at 21 Months

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May 14, 2016 by texashekmans

ezra in playhouse

It’s already been 9+ months since Ezra turned 1 and I’ve done a very poor job documenting his life this year – oops! He has changed dramatically since last summer, so its well past time to start jotting down and celebrating some of the best parts of his recent and current life.

ezra holding hand walking

He would only walk with a finger for weeks, now all on his own!

Highlights of a typical day in his 1.5 yr old life:

-First of all, its really exciting that Ezra began walking on his own in January, and really got confident about it and became a full-time walking, toddling, toddler in February right before he turned 18 months.  It was a challenge for him, due to the torticollis/muscle development issues he had since birth, so we are really thankful that he conquered this big milestone!! (Now he is continuing to walk well, and also is typically running and body-slamming and tackling something.)

ezra on yoga mat

-He loves to jump on the new trampoline we bought for Violet’s 4th birthday, and surprisingly he figured out how to do a somersault and started to jump with 2 feet recently.

-His favorite activity and toy still seems to really be a ball, almost any ball, but he just loves to play catch or basketball with a short hoop.

-He also loves to wrestle/body slam/jump on the couch.

-He gives the best and happiest hugs, where he squeezes our necks and snuggles his face up to our faces.

ezra with me on couch

-He loves music, singing and dancing/clapping to most any type of music. It’s cute and funny how he tips his head side to side as his standard dance move.

Size: He is seemingly really really tall and big for his age! He is wearing all 2T clothes and 3T pajamas.


-He loves to eat oatmeal with sprinkles, or cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast every morning, PB &J sandwiches for lunch and quesadillas or pizza for dinner. Pretty standard toddler tastebuds of preferring bread/cheese/sugar. Eek.  He will eat a fruit/veggie pouch or green smoothie most days too, which makes me feel like at least he is sort of getting nutrition.

-He stopped nursing as frequently in January/February, and was only nursing to sleep at naptime for awhile but recently gave that up too on his own. Now he just likes to be held/rocked at naptime/bedtime and he does drink cow’s milk usually, but doesn’t need it at bedtime either. It’s nice that it isn’t a necessity but it is a helpful way to give him something else to fill up with too.


-Normally goes to sleep around 8p, wakes up at 7a and naps from 1-3ish. He does have some bad sleeping nights when he is teething (waking up hourly/frequently) but otherwise, he is a pretty great sleeper! We moved his crib into Violet’s room last week and it has been pretty great to have a separate sleeping room and playroom.

-He always sleeps with his 2 lovey monkeys and his soft stuffed football.


-It is so much fun to hear him copy and mimic and learn so many new words. He has a loooud screaming voice, I mean really really loud, but he is starting to use more words and even some sentences to express himself which is cutting down on the screaming,thankfully.  He tries to mimic most things that we say, but common phrases we hear from him these days include…”I wa jelly” (meaning “I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”), “I wa show” (meaning I want to watch a show on TV), also we hear a lot of “NO” and “where die-det” (meaning  “where is Violet?”) or “where Betsy”. He loves to learn new people’s names and tell them that he is one, but he pronounces it “nine” and he usually puts up his whole hand instead of 1 finger. Ha. We will have to work on saying “two” before August. 🙂

I adore this boy and I absolutely love being his Mom. I love his outgoing and playful but very sweet-natured personality. It is a joy to watch him learn and grow and as always it is happening too fast! He will be 2 before we know it, yikes!



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