Ezra is 2!

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August 28, 2016 by texashekmans


2016-08-18 14.03.24Ezra how can you be 2?!? We love your jovial spirit, your bright and wide and joyful smile and your gentle but strong and affectionate hugs. Your personality is so perfect for our family and it is a blast to watch you grow and learn to express yourself in more ways every day!  You love the attention of others, especially your 2-year-old buddies Cal and Henry and your older cousins, so we celebrated with all of them! We had Cal and Henry (and all of their older sisters!) over for playtime and cupcakes and donuts to start off your birthday.  And then we capped off the day with the Guevaras over for dinner. You had everyone at the table laughing at your funny pronunciation of “waterrrrr” and you loved every second of their laughs! We had some family celebration at the Austin Nature & Science Center the next day, because you love animals and dinosaurs especially. It was fun to reminisce about the chaos of your actual day of birth, but how the perfect peacefulness of meeting you made all the emergency c-section and NICU drama worth it! We have loved you from the start and we love you even more now as you bring so much affection and laughter and fun to our family. We thank God for you, Ezra and pray you’ll always delight and trust in God’s amazing promises and plans as much as your namesake once did.

Here are some fun pictures to remember you at 2:


Two candles in one day for the TWO year old!!!


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