Scott’s Favorites of 2016

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January 7, 2017 by Slow Sand

3 minute Video of the Year


  1. Baptisms right after services (Nov 6). Probably my favorite moment in ministry from the past year was watching 20 people at our campus publicly align themselves with Jesus Christ through joining Him in baptism. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as Alize (who became a  Christian in her MC this past Spring) professed her love of Jesus.img_2043
  2. Bible Study on Playa Barcelona (June 2). From my journal written after I got back to the place we were staying, “I will never forget tonight – a midnight bible study with 10 Muslims on the Playa Barcelona in front of the bar Opium. Praise you God. You moved tonight. My realization that I did more praying and thinking of Pakistan in the past 24 hours than I have my whole life.”
  3. Moving into our new home (December 15). As sad as we were to move out of our beloved Milwood neighborhood we are already in love with our new digs in Wells Branch – 15 houses down from the Davids and 3 houses down from the Brezeales, not to mention several other close friends.
  4. Thanksgiving at the Gerard’s in Wimberley. Hiking around their 5 acres of wooded land around their home was a highlight as the kids sang songs about their favorite Thanksgiving food. Both nights we were there we made a campfire and the kids roasted marshmallows and threw them in the fire. We also fed a camel and a buffalo at a nearby wildlife park.img_2272
  5. Magical day on the Muskegon Beach (June 14). From my journal written after I got back to our cottage, “predicted rainy day in Whitehall started rainy and became an incredible day hiking at duck lake and being the only ones in the warm water (jumping in muddy puddles), lunch at buzz’s (whitefish tacos) and swimming off the dock, naps for all four of us, finally s’mores over a campfire while watching the sunset in Muskegon. I said to the fam out loud as the sun was setting, ‘if we did this same day again I’d be happy as a clam!’ And Violet said in response, ‘well then I’d be happy as a mermaid.'”Evernote Camera Roll 20160616 213108.jpg
  6. Pulling a stump out of our backyard. This was a great example of how quickly our kids are growing up…sure weren’t even remotely helpful in my attempt to remove a stump that was growing near our foundation but man they were really trying to be. Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 233211.jpg

Bible Verses/Book Concepts

  1. Finding out I’m a 3. One of the most useful personality tests I’ve ever come across is the Enneagram. It’s helped me understand Lydia more and many coworkers  that I had been puzzled by.
  2. What Motivates People? Daniel Pink’s “Drive” does a good job summarizing the importance of providing not just management but leadership and motivation for those you supervise. What are most important? Autonomy, mastery and purpose.
  3. ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬, “You have said, ‘Seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek.’” I love the simplicity of the request and the answer.

Grading myself on 2016 Goals

  1. Mission: Milwood. I want to deepen our roots in Milwood as long as we are here – specifically with the aim of talking about Jesus more compellingly to one of our neighbors and reading the Bible one-on-one with someone nearby.
    1. Self-grade: A-. By the grace of God I read the Bible with our neighbor who lived behind us, Cameron, and we were blessed with being able to talk to Wayne across the street about Jesus. We also had a the most success of our marriage doing a regular Third Place in our front yard for 14 out of 16 weeks in the Fall.
  2. Become qualified for a promotion at work. I can’t control a promotion happening, but I pray that I am qualified for it to happen, specifically by becoming a leader who leads not out of position but with grace and truth.
    1. Self-grade: A-. I was completely surprised in being promoted to become the Executive Pastor of the Downtown Campus even before I could easily say that I had demonstrated aptitude and competency to fill that role.
  3. Increase personal self-control in the following ways:
    1. Reduce sugar intake. Nothing like Netflix to create a (probably short-lived) conviction to change your lifestyle in some way.
      1. Self-grade: B+. Lydia made greater strides than I but there was a considerable drop in the amount of added sugar I ate in 2016 compared to 2015. And I want to keep this change up as I felt like I had more energy and fewer cases of heart burn and indigestion in 2016.
    2. Discipline with time. I’d love to wake up consistently at 6ish-am, come home around 5pm and fall asleep by 11pm.
      1. Self-grade: C-. I largely remained just as undisciplined in this area typically waking up as late as Violet would let me and coming home around 6:15pm. 
    3. Be present when home. I want to increase the frequency of something I’ve started -leaving my phone at the door when I get home until after the kids are asleep and Lydia and I have had a chance to sync up after the day.
      1. Self-grade: B-. I did implement the “set the iPhone/Apple watch down as soon as I get home” tactic down more often but not with immense success and I would still felt myself distracted when I was home most weeknights as I would daydream about the various parts of the day and began to hear even Ezra say with some frequency, “No phone, Dad!” when he’d catch me looking at it while putting him in bed.

2017 Goals

  1. Become more of a creature of God’s word. How? Specifically by memorizing 6 Chapters of the Bible – 1 chapter every 2 months doesn’t sound too daunting though I know it will be tricky.
  2. That my teammates at work see me as an advocate not a competitor. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the race for high-performance and increasing influence. But God is in the business of using His people to reach the lost, not build careers.
  3. Discipline with time. Putting this one back on my goals because of how poorly I did. I’d love to wake up consistently at 6ish-am, come home around 5pm and fall asleep by 11pm.


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