Ezra is THREE!

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August 18, 2017 by texashekmans


Loving his first ever water guns (sweet gift from Guevara cousins!)

We loved celebrating Ezra today with 3 of his best friends (dressed up as superheroes of course!) and 5 of his most super fun and closest cousins by eating cake, jumping at Jumpoline and eating lunch at McDonald’s together! He loved every second of it and we could tell he felt so loved by everyone being there. We love watching how much fun he had running, jumping, wrestling and jumping some more – throwing dodgeball and climbing the bouncy walls – with the help of his sweet little buddies and playful older cousins. Ezra loves his friends and family so so much and it was a blast to celebrate his life with a simple party and all together!

He kept saying to Scott and I today – “I love you when I’m three” 🙂

Violet was a joyful and helpful sister to the birthday boy all day, and it is such a gift to watch them bond and enjoy one another’s presence so much more lately. They get each other laughing so hard and its just the best! We are thankful I think she enjoyed his birthday as much as he did — she even said at dinner — “Ezra’s birthdays are the best!”

We love Ezra’s growing imagination (always playing with dinosaurs, Batman and now Transformer Rescue Bots), his loyalty to his friends (calling them by name and title -my “friend” Henry or my “cousin” Ruben..etc.), his affection for his family (always snuggling  us and saying “I love you”), and his love for music and specifically worship/scripture songs! He loves to dance/sing to any music, and its always fun to dance/sing with him.

We love you so much Ezra and pray God gives you joy and energy to continue to play and imagine and dance through this crazy year of being 3!



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