Scott’s Favorites from 2017

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January 10, 2018 by texashekmans



  1. 10 Years of Marriage! Though the celebration was threaded with grief, the reigning emotion of our anniversary weekend was joy as we reflected on the sweetness of God giving us a decade together as husband and wife. Our days were spent eating and drinking (and playing lots and lots of cards) while sunbathing on the Lake Michigan beaches of New Buffalo, Michigan.
  2. Violet’s first swim meet. Not that we needed another reason to believe it, but this was an occasion to revel in the bravery of our daughter! She was in the first heat of the first race and finished without quitting or holding onto the lane line.
  3. 3/3 Housewarming party. We not only felt loved by all of the guests and the kind words that were said, we felt as though we were officially welcomed into our new home and neighborhood.
  4. 8/19 Daddy/Daughter Date before first day of Kindergarten. We went to Panera because “that’s your favorite restaurant, and I want to go to your favorite restaurant, Dad.” We then picked out a necklace from Old Navy because it was “fancy”.
  5. 7/1 Ezra’s first trip to Urgent Care. He showed great courage to brave the chaos of the moment (never had I seen such a quantity of blood) and listen to our plan to go to the doctor AND to forgive his sister.Evernote Snapshot 20170704 103440

Bible Verses/Book Concepts

  1. Psalm 145. Love that David’s last recorded Psalm centers on the adoration of God both in the sweet and in the sour parts of life. I was greatly blessed by this chapter of the Bible during the most hectic parts of the Fall especially.
  2. Organizational Playbook. As an engineer it’s probably no shock that I loved the centrality of clarity in this book. Specifically Lencioni believes that the most crucial aspect of healthy organizations is the clarity and consistency of their What adhering to their How and Why. Without clarity, success is purely borne of luck.
  3. ‭‭7 Habits of Highly Effective People‬‬, there is much wisdom in this timeless classic, but my favorite section came in the chapter on “Seeking to Understand before Seeking to be understood”. Specifically I love this quote as a way to describe the importance of incarnating yourself to the needs of others to truly have influence amongst them, “If you won’t be influenced by my uniqueness, then I won’t be influenced by your advice”

Grading myself on 2017 Goals

  1. Become more of a creature of God’s word. How? Specifically by memorizing 6 Chapters of the Bible – 1 chapter every 2 months doesn’t sound too daunting though I know it will be tricky.
    • D-. How painful it is to see this goal and reflect on how pathetically not only the result of the endeavor but even my attempt in accomplishing it. I hardly succeeded in memorizing even half of a chapter (Psalm 145).
  2. That my teammates at work see me as an advocate not a competitor. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the race for high-performance and increasing influence. But God is in the business of using His people to reach the lost, not build careers.
    • A. While some of it has to do with my getting older and (hopefully) less energetic another part of it has to do with my genuine desire to see those around me flourish. I’ve loved managing 4 people and building their development plans with them, helping them dream about their futures.
  3. Discipline with time. Putting this one back on my goals because of how poorly I did. I’d love to wake up consistently at 6ish-am, come home around 5pm and fall asleep by 11pm.
    1. B. I was much more a consistent sort in this pursuit, waking up before the kids woke up to read and to work out. Coming home before 6 was still a challenge but bed time by 11 did happen most of the time.

2018 Goals

  1. Meditate on God’s word. My goal is to memorize 2 Chapters of the Bible – 1 chapter each semester should push the envelope relative to last year but also should not be too daunting.
  2. Lead in plurality. This last year it has mostly been a 2-leader team. However, at a large church that is trying to reach a city that has complex needs, a diversity of gifting is likely to require at least 3 key leaders. That kind of team will need a right blend of humility and confidence that is supernatural.
  3. Bond with my son. I want to be a father who through nearness and a variety of experiences provides his son with the strength of character to withstand whatever life may throw his way. I feel as though this last year I was with him but that I struggled to shape and be shaped by him, to really connect with him. In a culture that de-values masculinity, a higher caliber of parenting is required of me.

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