Sylvia {6 Months}

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January 25, 2019 by texashekmans

Sylvia gets a ton of attention and affection all day every day! But she sure doesn’t get a lot of Mom documenting her life or milestones. Sorry sweet girl. I’m hoping to write more of this down so I never forget what a precious and fun baby she really is!! But honestly I’m too busy holding her or playing with her or bringing her somewhere for something — blogging just isn’t happening! Ha!

Size — not sure exactly but she is wearing either 6-12 month clothes (GAp sizes) or she’s in 9 months onesies/PJs (Carters brand).

Sleeping — She is normally going to sleep around 7 or 8 pm and waking up around 7am, with one feed around 4am. She usually goes right back to sleep after the 4 am feeding! Whenever she gets a cold (3 times now) she struggles with sleeping and I tend to let her comfort nurse a lot, which then makes it hard for her to remember how to self-soothe and sleep well. This has involved some pretty rough nights with a lot of crying and consoling and not a lot of sleep!!!! But it has also included some “sleep coaching/training” off and on and after a few nights of that, she is usually back on track to soothe herself to sleep and sleep well.

Fun things she is doing….

-She loves to watch Violet and Ezra do just about anything! She loves them both SO much and is so happy when they are around, when they are in her face, holding her, laying with her, everything.

-She recently just started to repeatedly say “da da” (not necessarily directed at Dad) a lot, and a funny “heh heh hah hah” sound too. She likes being vocal for sure!

-We started just at 6 months giving her cooked carrots and she LOVES them! She munches them up in her mouth and does swallow them pretty well, with a lot all over the place too. She tried bananas today too and liked them, but the texture was harder for her to grasp.

-She loves being outside, going for walks in the stroller or getting on our swing or trampoline with the big kids (or even without too!)

-She loves to put everything in her mouth of course and is always reaching for and dropping her toys, wanting a new one every few minutes.

-She loves to stand up when someone is holding her — really without any support of her legs, she loves to stretch them and stand on our laps when we’re holding her! She also can stand at a playable if you’re holding her/sitting behind her.

-She always rolls all around the carpet and arches her back and flips over quickly! She can kinda scoot a bit, doing a strong push up but isn’t quite able to do a full plank with her legs/bottom lifted. She doesn’t seem super close to crawling yet but definitely very able to roll all around the room when she wants to!

She plays so well with toys and with her siblings around her, and she loves to be in her high chair or exersuacer with them around!

One of the best things about Sylvia is how much joy she brings to all of us, but especially to her brother and sister! They both just naturally enjoy her and clearly find so much joy when she is present. Violet constantly wants to hold her in her lap. Ezra constantly wants to smother her with kisses and “close huggies.” 🙂

We are all so enamored by your smiley and sweet personality Sylvia and we are just so happy that you are our baby girl! We all love you SO much and we are SO thankful to have 6 months of being your family!

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