Lydia's Favorites in 2019

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January 4, 2020 by texashekmans

Favorite Memories This Year

  • Sylvias first steps with Violet and Ezra cheering for her so proudly
  • Ezra starting kindergarten and enjoying it ~ he was so happy to start the first day with his buddies! 
  • Hiking with the kids in Shadowland over Thanksgiving break – it was so fun having Violet so happy to lead the hike and Sylvia even happy to follow along
  • Enjoying mid-day bonfires outside while Sylvia napped and hearing Violet & Ezra tell stories they just made up on the spot together
  • The beautiful sunset we got to watch on the ferry back from Mackinaw Island
  • Kids loving listening to Alicia read them a bedtime story upstairs in the playroom over Spring Break when the Guevaras visited
  • Praying w/ Jill for Lisa’s healing after Ross’ sermon and finding out she doesn’t have cancer
  • The fun afternoon/evening when we got margaritas and kids got to fish off the dock and Sylvia and Judah played while we all celebrated Gigi’s 60th birthday in Whitehall, MI
  • Uchiko with Corynne in July to celebrate Corynne moving out and starting her new job in Austin
  • Christmas morning with Papa & Nana here – enjoying yummy breakfast and fun gifts for all, especially Sylvia with the Elmo truck and Judah’s sweet laugh at Ezra and Violet always!
  • Pizza dinner with Graeme & Christina & all the cousin kids doing a performance for us all on the night that Nana & Papa arrived
  • Serving Shruthi & Hank and Misti & Wilson (separately!) as their doula and watching them labor and bring their baby girls into this world with such strength and beauty! Serving as a doula for these first two times was such a privilege and honor and I am so excited to love this “work” so much.
  • Worshipping outside with the group of elders and wives at the elder retreat and also learning forom Matt’s sendoff encouragement sermon to the elders/wives about receiving crowns in heaven and how we will get to experience the joy of laying down our crowns at Jesus’ feet! 

Books I Read This Year:

  • The Birth Partner
  • Labor with Hope
  • Americanah
  • Biased
  • Magnolia Story
  • The Gospel Comes with a Housekey

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